LIDL kit part 2


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If your local Lidl doesn't stock it and you want to have one, I have a funny feeling that this toolkit by Halfraud is made by the same Taiwanese company and it includes practical the same if not identical tools in the same kind of case. Similar rebadged versions under different brands (e.g. Tacx) are sold by various online shops and indeed ebay sellers.

I think they are the "same" because I have had one for about 3 years (bought from Ribble I think), and mine looks very very similar to all these others.

Halfrauds seems to be offering 3 for 2 too...


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Managed to get one of the toolkits in Cardiff. There were none in my local one in London. Also bought the chain cleaner which seems decent for the money.


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Used the toolkit today and yesterday. I removed the chain to bath it in cleaner, I also removed the casette and cleaned that. While I was at it I took the front derailer off and gave that a scrub. Then took the cable off and popped some oil in. I put it all back together today and went for a ride, and Im amazed by how different it feels. Gear changes are much much smoother, and there isnt a notchy feel while pedalling. Really glad I got it :tongue:


eldudino said:
I've just bought a jacket and two pair of socks. The jacket packs up to the size of about two packets of fags, ideal for hanging off your saddle during a sportive/long ride in case of rain. It says 'water resistant' and I guess it's that and that only. I bought it as I wanted something to keep me dry-ish if there's a big downpour when I'm out on a long summer ride. Not expecting great results but I imagine that it'll perform ok for £8.99. I got a medium and the fit didn't seem too bad, I had a microfleece on under it though but it's not a horrendously baggy cut.
Yeah I got one - looks ok for the price. They had sold out in all local branches, except for the one in the less salubrious part!


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I got the toolkit from Lichfield branch to replace the bottom bracket on my bike over the weekend and I must say I am impressed. I did manage to destroy the square drive supplied in the kit, but the bottom bracket tool held up fine. And I did end up using a heat gun, WD40 and a long 24mm spanner along with the spline tool to finally remove it.
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