Life can be so unfair.


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A woman I know very well has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer which has spread to the bowels at just 38 years of age.

Non-smoker, teetotal, regular gym goer, healthy diet - doing everything you are supposed to do.

She has a two-year old boy.

I have rarely, if ever been given a piece of news which has shocked me so much.


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It's one of those things for which no amount of planning ahead/healthy living can cover.

The best you can do is be there for her, if she wants to let off steam.


Closer you are the more pain you feel.

If you are a close friend then support her all you can.
But be aware she may not want a sad tearful supporter, as that will often have a negative effect, positivity is everything with this.

You often find the one with the bleak diagnosis are often far stronger than those around them when dealing with the situation.

Take care, hope for a good outcome.


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Accra, Ghana
What a tragedy, not only for her but for her young son. Is she married? All you can do is support her in any way you can.


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Thank you to everyone for your responses. It's the shock of it really, and the injustice and unfairness of it all. It's unthinkable that an innocent little baby could be without his mother but sadly such things do happen.

She is someone I knew through dancing for years and we often travelled together to events before the baby was born but we had become good friends and even though she has mostly been tied up with the child we kept in touch. The father isn't around anymore, it was a very short relationship, I'm not sure where he is at the moment but he has a lot of mental health and drink issues and although probably well intentioned I wouldn't place much faith in him to take responsibilities seriously.

I did go to visit last night. She is in good form and positive, just waiting on full details of what treatments they will do and whether they will operate first and then chemo or chemo first and then operate.
My son was diagnosed with cancerous brain tumours which were gradually robbing him of his eyesight when he was 19. I cannot begin to tell you of the turmoil we went through at the unfairness of it all. We thought why him, but his response was why not me. Obviously it devastated him, but he never showed his negative side to us.

You can only be there with love and support at this time.


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I got the cold shivers reading the first post.

My Sister, November or December 2018, was told She would be receiving in the New Years honours list MBE{?}. January goes to Buck Palace, Prince Charles full thing. Family very pleased and proud.
February She tells me She has breast cancer. A very aggressive one.

Kick in the stomach doesn't cover it. Most gut wrenching horrible news anyone can hear. Even worse when as in the above, non-smoker, reasonably healthy life style. Me? Ex-smoker, 40+ a day habit, didn't exercise till in my 30's. Fit and healthy???

"Life? Life is neither cruel nor kind. Fair nor mean. It's simply life. And we'd best live it the best way we can, cos it's the only one you're gonna have!"

I'm truly sorry for your friend, I wish her a good recovery. And remember, they have come a long way with the research, it's amazing what they can do now.
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