Lightweight 26" Rim with a brake track - extinct?

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The wheels I usuually have on my bike don't have tons of life left in them, so I've been looking around to see what is out there. As the frame was originally an MTB, I have two sets of wheels, one with slicks which I use almost all the time for commuting, going to the shops and stuff, and another set with knobblies on for the odd time I go on bridleways and on rides with the kid when it's recently been raining. It's the ones with slicks I'm looking to replace.

The wheels the slicks are on don't need to be as beefy as they are so I was looking around for something that is more 'road' than 'off-road' in a 26" size, with a brake track, but I've not come up with much. I would like to fit 1.4" tyres to them. Any recommendations for something in 32-hole with a brake track that isn't described as 'bomb-proof' in it's listing?


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Something like this any good to you?:

I was thinking of the Exal LX17 rims having found them good in the 700c version for the wheels I built for my brother.
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