1. kfoto

    1954 F.C.Parkes Sirocco Lightweight Bicycle.

    Hand built 23” Reynolds 531 Tube Frame. 27” Alloy Wheels. Michelin 32-630 World Tour Tyres Made in Japan. New rear inner tube. Puncture Proof Tyre Liners. G.B. Sport Alloy Side Pull Brake Callipers with new blocks and new Alloy Levers. New Starlit Freewheel Cassette 5 gears 28/14. New...
  2. Ridgeback Roller

    SOLD - Carradice Lightweight saddle bag and bagman quick release support as new

    For sale - as new Carradice Lightweight 9 ltr saddle bag ( 460gms) and quick release bagman support. I don't have enough seat post showing to fit the bag and support with a rear rack in place and can't do without the rack on this bike, so this is surplus to requirements. Cost over £100, I'll do...
  3. W

    Raleigh TI lightweight

    I have just bought a1978 Raleigh TI frame. I bought it because it is a lightweight frame and it is a 25" size. I want to fit it out as a comfortable lightweight road bike for touring. I have no interest in keeping it original. I want to fit improved parts but I have 2 questions:- 1. I am...
  4. Soltydog

    Recommend me a pump for a lightweight

    Hi all, I'm looking for pump options for my better half. She's rather petite & at 45kg she can not physically pump tyres much beyond 70psi with my track pump :blush: Any other lightweight riders have a track pump or similar that is suitable for a smaller person getting tyres upto a decent...
  5. C

    What’s Lightweight

    What’s definition of a classic lightweight bicycle?Thoughts and opinions?
  6. IaninSheffield

    BTR Lightweight High Visibility Reflective Running & Cycling Jacket - ends midnight 8/10/2019

    "Be Seen in the day light with the bright high visibility yellow & be seen in the dark with the reflective trims & photoluminescence strips, so you can glow in the dark!" 50% off the usual price of £29.99 using the discount code FLASH306
  7. derrick

    Water proof lightweight jacket

    Looking for a rain jacket that will fit into a jersey pocket. Have looked at the Rapha jacket. But £180.00 is a bit much. Can you reccomend anything a bit cheeper. What do you use. It must be waterproof.
  8. bikepacker

    Lightweight Nigor Tent and Footprint

    Nigor Didis 2 Tent plus a Full Length Footprint Ideal for cycle-camping. After seeing a Dutch couple camping in Wales with one of these three years ago, I decided to get one. Having previously owned a Nigor Wickiup I knew the materials and manufacture was to the highest standard. Plus the tent...
  9. ozboz

    Lightweight waterproofs

    What are considered the very best water proofs for touring ‘ in about two months I hope to be off on the coast and castles run , and depending on a few factors including our summer weather I may turn West at Berwick and head off toward St Bees and do a coast to coast run , I really hate getting...
  10. C

    Parkes lightweight

    Picked up a message from Madgetts cycles on my 'phone today - my Parkes lightweight frame has been painted and is ready for collection :smile:. A bit early to post, but it's my birthday tomorrow and I had been wondering how to spend the day. Will post photo's as I get on with the build.
  11. PHL67

    Lightweight project just obtained from a fellow enthusiast

    I have just obtained this beautiful lightweight 753 frame set with Dura ace and 600 components. Has nice Mavic sprint rims with dura ace hubs, cinelli bars and stem. Dura ace rear derailleur and downtube shifters. 600 brakes, Dura ace levers. 600 crank. Will be nice when finished.
  12. steven1988

    Lightweight 700c wheelset

    Does anyone have a 700c wheelset for my lads Cyclocross bike, rim brakes. Budget of around 300 quid. Many thanks Steven
  13. Arjimlad

    Nike Clima-fit lightweight jacket £15 posted

    Just a bit too small for me. Size medium. Bought used on here but little used. Useful windproof. The arms zip off to make a gilet. A few small marks on the reflective coating here and there. £15 posted ono.
  14. fr188

    Raleigh lightweight frames today

    just received 2 80s frames today, my idea is to fix them up to use if not on the road , I can use them for turbo training , I got them for just over a fiver, there’s a crack on both head tubes so in time I’ll try to drill both ends of the cracks & sliver braze them, it’s worth a try for only a...
  15. KneesUp

    Lightweight 26" Rim with a brake track - extinct?

    The wheels I usuually have on my bike don't have tons of life left in them, so I've been looking around to see what is out there. As the frame was originally an MTB, I have two sets of wheels, one with slicks which I use almost all the time for commuting, going to the shops and stuff, and...
  16. Nytsom

    Wheels - Lightweight ? Hunt or Zonda's ??

    Thinking of getting some new lightweight wheels; been looking at the Campagnolo Zondas (shimano Hub) or the new Hunt-Aero 23mm wide and 28mm deep? Anyone use these wheels? what do you think of them; how they roll; which is best for climbing etc...? Thanks
  17. Kernow_T

    BNIB Superstar Components CX-RAY probuild Volta wheels £220 posted **w/ti skewers*

    BNIB - all original packaging SRAM/Shimano freehub New addition means the missus is insistent on my streamlining bits and components. These wheels are 1490g and we're originally £449 - I paid £289 - probably about the price of the separate components!!! Looking for £220 posted (£230 with...
  18. jay clock

    Light tent, freestanding, stealth colour?

    Due to me doing this trip I have decided on a tent upgrade. Many of the US sites have gravel or even semi-indoor under shelters and free standing tent is vastly better. Other requirements are green for stealth, light weight and decent quality. This little beauty has...
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