Lightweight Nigor Tent and Footprint

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Nigor Didis 2 Tent plus a Full Length Footprint
Ideal for cycle-camping.
After seeing a Dutch couple camping in Wales with one of these three years ago, I decided to get one. Having previously owned a Nigor Wickiup I knew the materials and manufacture was to the highest standard. Plus the tent seemed roomier and lighter than a Nallo 2 GT also the door and venting arrangement suited me far better. However at the time of purchase I did not know I would be struck with a medical problem which would prevent me using the tent. Hence it has sat in a cupboard awaiting my recovery which I now know is not going to happen.
Brand New it has never has been out to the bag. The tent was sold by Cotswold at £750 less my club discount so I paid £635. ... 12573.html Added to this is a full-length footprint (not the Nigor one) it is a Vango as used by the couple I saw, has to be fitted with shock cord. As I was told at the time this footprint is lighter, cheaper and a better colour than the original.


In order to free up space in my camping equipment cupboard I will accept £460 for both tent and footprint. Carriage included.
Pm or email me.


A couple of people have asked me to send them pictures and I understand some may want to see before purchase. However this tent is new just as purchased. Therefore in order to sell it in the same condition sorry but I cannot erect it just for a photograph.
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