1. GeekDadZoid

    Budget 1 man tent / Bivvy Bag

    Hi all I am hoping to do some bike packing nights out this year but really want to spend as little as possible. Has anyone got a one man tent or bivvy bag they would like to sell? Not too bothered about weight but pack size is a consideration. Let me know what you have gathering dust. Thanks
  2. 120308

    Now Sold. Vango Calder 500 tent with genuine Vango ground sheet footprint

    Vango Calder 500 tent with genuine Vango ground sheet footprint. This is a quality Vango tent and is in excellent condition, only used once for 2 nights by myself and my wife. None smoking. No pets. Selling due to change in circumstances. Cost over £200. Now Sold thanks.
  3. stephec

    Khyam Tourer 400 Tent

    I bought this but never used it, it's just been sat in the bag under the stairs and is now surplus to requirements. Too big to open up fully for photos in my back garden unfortunately, but you can read about it here - https://www.ukcampsite.co.uk/tents/p/Khyam-Tourer-400/777 £200 collected...
  4. O

    How to not get bike stolen when sleeping in tent?

    If you're bike touring and planning on sleeping in a tent, how do you make sure your bike does not get stolen from the camp ground when you're asleep? I doubt you would be able to fit the bike inside the tent with you. :shy: This might be a silly question, but it's a thought that came to my mind..
  5. Vantage

    What have you bought for the tent today?

    YACF has one of these threads as a sticky. Hope this one works as well. Soooooooo, today I've bought... A Trekology Aluft UL80 mat and a Trekology Aluft 2.0 pillow and a Flexigear pump to inflate them with. The mat and pillow are well known in camping circles and generally well thought of. I'll...
  6. citybabe

    Tent recommendations for touring

    Looking for some tent recommendations please. What’s ideal for 3-4 day touring? It would be just me inside it so would I need just a 1 person tent or 2 persons for a little extra space?
  7. Racing Snake

    Vango Blade 100 tent with footprint

    Used for West Highland Way and not since. In excellent condition. £65 posted.
  8. rivers

    Packing a tent

    After my first bikepacking adventure over the summer, my friends and I are planning another one. But this time we will be camping. What's the best way to pack a tent? I've just bought a cheap one man tent, a yellowstone matterhorn (want to make sure i'm happy cycling and camping before...
  9. Polite

    Thermarest NeoAir Sleeping mat, large. Brand new.

    Thermarest NeoAir sleeping mat, large, with stuff sack and I am also including a separate Thermarest pump with batteries. £100 plus postage or collect in Hove. Payment by PayPal friends and family. Thank you.
  10. B

    new tent

    my alpkit soloist tent is being delivered tomorrow but im on a 12 hour shift so I will look at it tomorrow night they seem to be selling well but only made in small batches photos are 1 thing but seeing it in reality is another cant wait.
  11. B

    new tent

    I went to alpkit in hathersage today and reserved their new 1 person tent the soloist all up weight 1.2 kgs and looked at the sonder bikes not badly priced for the spec very friendly staff too
  12. fossala

    Tyres, tent, thermarests x2, trangia etc

    Moving house clear out. Over the next few weeks more will be added as I sort through my ever growing cycling/camping collection. Everything in very good condition as anything below has been taken to the charity shop. I can take more pictures if necessary, just ask. Vango tempest 200 tent...
  13. B

    inner tent length

    For those of you who camp whats the minimum lenth you would go for im 6ft2 tall or 1.88m alpkit have a new 1 man tent but the inner is only 200cmlong would that be too tight with pad and sleeping bag looking forward to replies
  14. bikepacker

    Lightweight Nigor Tent and Footprint

    Nigor Didis 2 Tent plus a Full Length Footprint Ideal for cycle-camping. After seeing a Dutch couple camping in Wales with one of these three years ago, I decided to get one. Having previously owned a Nigor Wickiup I knew the materials and manufacture was to the highest standard. Plus the tent...
  15. jay clock

    Tigers that go GRRR in the night

    This guy is on my bookmarked list for following. Interesting and hardcore tourer and had an eventful night in the Nepalese jungle https://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/page/?o=2sf&page_id=573408&v=1E
  16. B

    tent poles

    for those of you who camp do you prefer poles that are under the flysheet or those that are above the flysheet and are mesh pole sleeves better than fabric ones for durability ie rubbing together or snagging just curious
  17. B

    whats the heaviest tent you would tour with

    im 6ft1 looking for a tent for cycle touring would like to be able to sit up and have 2 entrances prefer 2 /3 berth for extra room hate being cramped I like the vango halo 2 wild country hoolie2 berghaus 3.2 I will be solo touring other suggestions welcome £150 max is 3000mm hh a good level of...
  18. jay clock

    Terra Nova Wild Country Zephryos 2 Lite tent

    One of these for sale View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYDkzkbXJpM Weighs 1455g all-in. Please note it is the Lite model that I think has been stopped and weighs 400g less than the current Zephyros 2. And has a better end pole design (these stay in place when folded up and have...
  19. Lien Sdrawde

    Can I improve tent waterproofing?

    Hi. I'm looking at a lighter tent for 3 to 7 night journeys away - and have seen one that has a hydrostatic head of 2000. My current 1kg heavier tent has a hydrostatic head of 4000...... Can I go mad with some seam sealant and improve the waterproofing or is it more the overall material that...
  20. C

    If there's a rustle in your tent now.....

    .....don't be alarmed now.. It's just a rustley mat! Are all inflatable mats the same? First time I've used one, a Synmat expedition and the noise it makes when you move is astonishing. I've solved it by putting my microfibre towel betwixt it and the floor but really! Apparently it's not the...
  21. Blue Hills

    Cheap tent?

    https://www.mountainwarehouse.com/camping/tents/festival-tents/lightweight-backpacker-2-person-tent-p2185.aspx/Green/?rrec=true I know nothing about it. Also a three man one. Hydrostatic head lower than many but I think some folk reckon that that is fine. I know there are some fans of cheap...
  22. thistler

    Vango Storm 200+ tent and advice please.

    I was active on here a good while ago and was in the process of collecting bits and pieces for a cycle tour when I became very ill and had to give up cycling. I had a brief foray back 2-3 years ago and was taken ill again. I've been discharged from the Dr and am finally on the mend, hopefully...
  23. Julia9054

    Recommend me a tent

    For the first time in years due to job changes and other circumstances, we are in a position to take off to France for about a month this summer. Looking forward to it as it has been years since we have been able to go away for more than 7 - 10 days at once. We will be in the car with the bikes...
  24. jay clock

    Light tent, freestanding, stealth colour?

    Due to me doing this trip www.usacycle2018.com I have decided on a tent upgrade. Many of the US sites have gravel or even semi-indoor under shelters and free standing tent is vastly better. Other requirements are green for stealth, light weight and decent quality. This little beauty has...
  25. I

    Laser Space 2 tent

    Hi Thought I'd show you how useful this tent is for cycle camping and touring. I've used this a few times now and I'm still amazed how it manages to fit two bikes in the porch area without them touching the side of the tent (by leaning them together). Here's a few pics..
  26. hoppym27

    Can anyone recommend a small lightweight tent for touring?

    Anyone recommend anything?...all I need is a small 1 man tent that will fit my bike, Im on a hybrid with a rear pannier rack but could fit a front rack if needed.
  27. F70100

    Vango Banshee 300 Tent

    Available on eBay at £85 + £9 delivery. Virtually as new and ideal for anyone wanting to dip a toe in the cycle touring water.
  28. Low Gear Guy

    Tent pack size

    Hi, I'm looking at buying a new tent. I want a two person tent that I can at least sit up in. Most tents of this size come in a 600 mm long pack. How can I carry this on the bike (touring bike with Ortleib panniers)? In the past I have carried the poles strapped to the top tube or had the tent...
  29. jay clock

    Recommend me a freestanding tent

    Vaguely looking at new tents. Currently have one of these http://www.terra-nova.co.uk/tents-and-spares/all-tents/zephyros-2-lite-tent/ replacement needs to be max 1.8 to 1.9kg small pack size 2 person but will only be used for one! green or muted colour freestanding Not found anything...
  30. Alan Frame

    Highlander Pro-Force Falcon Bivi Tent

    A one person hooped bivi with mozzie and midge proofing. Opened, but unused and in as-new condition. Comes with 6 alloy pegs, 2 alloy poles and a waterproof rain cap to cover the upper ventilation, should rain approach. Ideal if you want to travel light in Scotland, but want to escape the...
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