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Discussion in 'General Cycling Discussions' started by Judderz, 27 Jul 2012.

  1. Judderz

    Judderz Well-Known Member

    If the Livestrong Cyclist who was on the East Lancs cycle path crossing at the Lowton Junction last night pulls another manouver like that last won't Livestrong for much word for you...P***K!

    Rant over
  2. Sandra6

    Sandra6 Veteran

    What did they do?
  3. yello

    yello Legendary Member

    A French desert
    pah, 2nd place is first looser looser!

  4. Mr Haematocrit

    Mr Haematocrit msg me on kik for android

    Out of the saddle
    If he was a livestrong cyclist, you know there will be a denial of any wrong doing.
    I expect the manouver you question has been encountered at least 500 times in the past and no evidence of anything illigal has been discovered.
    Expect a post on twitter about this matter protesting his innocence and his feelings towards continued harrasment. :laugh:
  5. OP

    Judderz Well-Known Member

    Incident: I'm sat at a set of traffic lights, (on red), waiting for green, the junction I'm at, is 2 lanes of traffic, left lane straight on or turn right, right lane turn right only on to East Lancs dual carriageway, this junction also has a cycle path that crosses on a pedestrian crossing.
    My lights turn to green, off I set, only for a numpty who thinks its safe to jump the pedestrian crossing, (ped crossing man is on red) across both lanes of traffic, and shouts...'Woah'...this wasn't the Livestrong rider.
    Off I set again, as do the cars, only for his mate, the Livestrong rider to do the same manouver, only this time, narrowly missing my front wheel by cm's, and forcing the cars to brake too..he shouts 'Watch out'.

    Ermm, how about watch out yourself idiot, next time I hope you come a cropper!
  6. Boris Bajic

    Boris Bajic Guest

    Test me.


    You're not my dad.

    George says it wasn't me and he'll be loyal 'til his last breath.

    I think.
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