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I recently took bike into local bike shop. Tje bike itself is not on good shape. I got quoted 55 for new chain and cassette whoch I thougt at time was cheap but as it was mechanicwho quoted I took bike back there to do work. Now got telephone call work could be 225 plus got sales pitch about new bikes they have on stock anyone elae have thia happen


Walk away.


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They could be doing you a favour by giving you the option, you still could get the chain and cassette changed at 55? Its very possible that your bike needs other parts, and yes costs can mount up. Bicycles can kill if they are not maintained correctly.

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Step back, get an other quote/opinion (multiple bike chain store etc)..
225 for a cassette and chain fitted? hopefully price included other work.
It may be time for that new machine
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I doubt your first quote was a formal quote. I'm guessing here but it was probably just a figure extracted from a mechanic who gave the bike a cursory look-over and then muttered "chain and cassette." You then asked him how much that was and he thumb-sucked GBP 55. You interpreted that as an amount that will cover all eventualities on the bike. The bike was then booked in and he formally went over all the safety points and added up what needed to be done. My guess is that the bike requires extensive work, is very dirty, hasn't seen new cables, brake pads or bearings since it left the shop new. I also guess that the chainrings are beyond their serviceable life, the cables are so sticky and gritty that he can't make the gears index properly with them and that the wheel bearings and BB require replacement. That quickly adds up. He then evaluated the bike's value vs repairs and quoted you on new, which is probably comparable to the repair costs plus a bit. I doubt he quoted you on a Pinarello Dogma and tried to make his month's quota on one sale.

So, to get to your question: has that happened to me? Yes it has. In ignorance I have on occasion extracted a premature quote from someone on one or other repair and once the job was booked in and on the table, the full picture was revealed.

Don't abandon the shop because you feel cheated. By all means, get another quote but compare apples to apples. Use the repair list your original bike shop has now prepared and get a quote on that. Don't attempt another cursory or telephonic quote without letting the cat out the bag.


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phoned them added a load of work that didnt need doing. New gear cables etc (they were new in december not been ridden since then).
Stuff em last time I use them.


phoned them added a load of work that didnt need doing. New gear cables etc (they were new in december not been ridden since then).
Stuff em last time I use them.
Where do you store your bike whilst not in use?


Just tell them you want the work that was orignally quoted for at £55 if your happy with that, if they have already done the work on it tell them your not paying for the extended work as you did not agree to it. If I took my car to the garage for an MOT and they phoned me and said they have fixed it up for the mot and it is £500 I would refuse, however if they phoned me and said right this is what is wrong this is the price for each thing then I would understand.

Only pay for what you believe needs doing, its your bike.


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Why not try to change the chain and cassette yourself? Ok, I wouldn't, but then I'd be happy with £55 especially if includes parts

The 'could be 225' in your original post suggests the work hasn't been done. Doesn't sound like the bike is a daily commuter as not used since December so use the upcoming and forecast to be sunny long weekend to deal with it
If it's definitely just a chain & cassette job then, as above research on You Tube and do it yourself.

Chain - £15
Cassette - £20
Chain whip tool - £10


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Perhaps you were not clear enough about what you expected? Maybe you gave the impression you wanted to make sure the bike was fully sorted after the £55 figure was presented? All you have to do is respond with a polite no thanks, all I'd like sorting out is the cassette and chain.

As for buying own tools and doing it yourself, depends if you're capable, interested and would ever re-use the tools!
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