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For years, I have used the same LBS, where I live in Bridgend, South Wales. I haven't used the place for about a year and he's recently started getting bad press so I am looking for alternatives. Any Bridgend cyclists here recommend anywhere?



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What are the press saying about him? They are bigger liars than the internet, you know.

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People who've used him claim he's lost interest and not providing the quality service he used to. Actual real people. Not a press campaign. 🙂
Did you have a rapport with him when you have used him ? I ask because often people will use a store or in the case a LBS once in a blue moon as they get parts and advice from the internet. Hence the LBS looses interest as he is basically not making that much money. If you have used him before then why not go back ? If you`d had bad service in the past then that is a different matter. It is just a thought. To be honest it sounds as if he is on that downward spiral. I hope that I am wrong.


I'm in Bridgend, didn't actually know there was an LBS??? I go to RideBikesWales, [is advertising allowed?] not my shop but always get excellent service from Stuart and his crew.
Must go in next week actually........
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