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It's been a slow news period here too. I have a feeling some junk food staved local journo (who can't be bothered to get off his a*** and find an actual story) is craving chicken.

Headline 18th May
Could Billericay be set for a Nando's?
article states:
"A spokesperson for the eatery said: "We're thrilled at the interest in Nando's, however we don't currently have plans to open in Wickford or Billericay."
Headline 22nd May
KFC seeks to open up new outlet for Billericay
article states:
"While there are no plans at present for a restaurant on the high street or the surrounding area, KFC are hoping they can cater for their fans very soon."


Heavy Metal Fan
http://www.middevonadvertiser.co.uk/article.cfm?id=104977&headline=Cooker fire&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2016

If you don't want to read it, someone's cooker caught fire, but they put it out before the fire brigade got there.


Yup, no, that didn’t work.
On the day about 16 years ago, when I moved house from Wandsworth to the Oxfordshire village of Fringford, a local paper came through the letterbox. I sat on a packing case and read the front page headline. "A barn was broken into and candy floss machine was slightly damaged in Weston on The Green.
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