Lockdown haircut

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I had to get the clippers out again, as I was beginning to look like Max Wall. It's usually a multi-stage operation with me as I notice tufty bits I missed before, and at some point I will have to shave the back of my neck.


Chris S

During the last lockdown I just cut the front and sides of my hair as they were the only parts that I could see. I reinvented the mullet.


I have now adopted the No2ish all over as my haircut of choice. Save any faffing about, run the beard trimmers on its longest setting (which equates roughly to a barbers no2 or 3) all over it fairly regularly and fade in the sideburns & neck with a shorter setting /comb.

There is no need for a mullet. its perfectly easy clippering bits of your head you cant see by feel:laugh:


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I just let it grow. Although about a month or so before the end of the last lockdown, on a socially distanced photo of our new temporary work accommodation, I was mistaken for a female colleague. - Far less flattering for her I would add, than anything in my favour.
I had quite a lot of it removed shortly before Christmas and have said about taking clippers to it and going for a number 2 this time, but Mrs B is dead against it.
In last lockdown a colleague went the full Grizzly Adams and other than his voice, was unrecognised when he had to visit work to print some papers.


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No 1 self administered from Spring to Autumn, then a slightly longer 5mm in winter..
How much is a haircut now? (when the barbers can reopen, of course! 💈)
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