Locked out of BikeRadar

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I thought I would give BikeRadar a "fair go" before deserting, but now find that it no longer recognises my user name (with an extra CP) and password.

Anyone know what's going on here - is it just another glitch or are they getting rid of the critics.

Paranoid, moi? :blush:
I think they're having some teething troubles. Shame they couldn't get it properly sorted before it went live, but there you go. Stay here with us, it's much nicer!


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Awful place! as said before, why couldn't they get it sorted properly before going live, I didn't want to leave C+ anyway it was so nice and friendly there. glad to back amongst you all!


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Off the back
Keith Oates said:
Any new system will have some 'glitches' so I doubt anyone has been locked out unless they have made a really irresponsible posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder how long it will take Keith to get his post count above 20000 on this forum :blush:
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