Lon Cambria

Discussion in 'Touring and Adventure Cycling' started by upsidedown, 1 May 2010.

  1. upsidedown

    upsidedown Waiting for the great leap forward

    The middle bit
    All packed and ready to go on Monday :


    Will post pics etc on Crazy Guy.
    Getting the train to Borth, then follow the Sustrans Lon Cambria route to Shrewsbury and back to Dudley on the B roads, can't wait.
  2. ComedyPilot

    ComedyPilot Secret Lemonade Drinker

    You have a good time, and I look forward to the trip report.
  3. jags

    jags Veteran

    have a great tour hope the weather is kind.
  4. OP

    upsidedown Waiting for the great leap forward

    The middle bit
    Well, made it back in one piece, great trip but very tiring.
    The route turned out to be :

    Along the Ystwyth trail to Cwmystwyth
    Over the mountain road to Rhayader
    Bishops Castle
    Church Stretton

    Distance 156 miles over 3 days.

    Highlights were the reservoirs and dams of the Elan valley and the Ystwyth trail.

    Campsites were Wyeside at Rhayader, nice quiet site, only one other tent with a couple doing Lon Las Cymru, and Small Batch in Little Stretton. Lovely site at the foot of the Long Mynd, highly recommend it.

    Huge climbs over the mountain road from Pontrhydygroes to Rhayader, very remote and exposed. Big climb out of Church Stretton, another over the Roman Bank over Wenlock Edge.

    One observation is that the Sustrans route often gives barely rideable gradients in an attempt to be traffic-free. Several times the route takes you over the top of moutains on ungraded roads where a more rideable quiet road was available.

    There is barely any traffic from Aberystwyth to Newtown. I only came across farmers in 4x4s who were exceptionally considerate and patient when i couldn't get out of their way quickly.

    Camp sites were pretty scarce so it's wise to plan ahead and not assume there will be one available.

    Will upload pics later.
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