London commuters...get it off your chests...

How do regular London commuters regard risk?

  • I really get off on the danger that I put myself in. (Lucas Brunelle)

    Votes: 1 2.8%
  • I like riding in traffic. It's like a game of chess...anticipating the other players' moves. A buzz.

    Votes: 23 63.9%
  • It isn't ideal, but hey! what is?

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • HGVs should drive on the pavement. By the way, do they pay Road Tax?

    Votes: 6 16.7%

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For me, cycling in London is about as good as it gets.
It's worse when I cycke in Essex/cambs at the weekend. Cars flying past. In London my speed is greater than the cars. There's a huge number of cyclists and cars give up trying to pass you.

Unfashionable, I know, but it's safe around hgvs if you get your road position right.


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I am with @0-markymark-0 on this. Weekend riding is a lot more fraught .

I commute by bike as it lets me eat pies, without turning into one. It also helps in preventing an assault on my nostrils by the great unwashed at 06.00 every day. Buy soap run a bowl of water and wash your fecking armpits


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Was on annual leave last week and headed south into the country lanes twice. On the other seven days I pointed the other way and rode around and through town, loving the feeling of being competent around traffic, going twenty miles for a coffee or loaf of bread and enjoying the hustle, bustle and sights...


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Costa Clyde.
Can a "foreigner" comment, without voting? I have cycled in London a good few times now.
It's by far the best way to get around, but that says more about the alternatives!
I quite enjoyed it in small doses, but have to say that my favourite part of London after a few days is the northbound line from Euston!


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As mentioned by others, the traffic levels end up bringing pretty much everything to the same pace, which I totally prefer to country lanes with maniacs whistling past, a few inches away from me at 60+ mph
I'm a bit wierd. I have on a few occasions ridden 85 miles (on a week day)to actually ride around Mayfair, in rush hour traffic, and then ride back home again, having stopped for a coffee in Picadilly, and a Pilsner Urquell in Parsons Green. It was actually a bit longer than it looks on the chart, as my phone died when I hit Fulham on the inbound, then Strava did something screwy when I got to Winchester on the home bound.

I had reccied the route previously, and I've done it a couple of times since.


I'm a Northerner and I disliked London coz of too many lights/junctions. as soon as you build up speed the light goes red.

It was like a series of mini time trials.

felt perfectly safe though.
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