LONDON - Roadworks at Gloucester Place/Marylebone Road

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They have been there for ages now, and every day the jam goes back to Old Street!!!!!!

And they didn't do a single bit of work on it over the weekend.......

it's the Congestion Charge Boundary FFS, they should be fixing it as soon as the ferkin can!!!!!


it's OK on the bike, I don't get too held up, but it's damn annoying, plenty of drivers doing mad things, and it's a nightmare if i do go out in the car..............
It's lovely and peaceful to cycle through innit? :blush:


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I love road works, I really welcome them whenever they show up on my route as they slow down all the other traffic but don't seem to effect my progress allowing a safer journey. I don't ever feel smug though, oh no.


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it's nice when you do get a stretch of traffic at roadworks and you can filter all the way, but this bit is so riddled with drivers trying to change lane and scooter riders trying to do the same as me but getting stuck with their silly wing mirrors, so in fact, this bit isn't too great. Bus lane isn't much good either, it can be full as well!

Worst is for the drivers, this is such a major route in London, the boundary of the CC zone, it's mad that they can take so long over it, expecially not working on it overnight and at the weekend.
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