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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by naminder, 24 Jul 2012.

  1. naminder

    naminder Well-Known Member

    Hi there,
    I've decided to cycle this on 16th September, in memory of my sister, who passed away 4 weeks ago, for the Headway charity. I consider myself fairly fit, usually doing 4 fitness clases and running 6 miles a week.
    I'm managed 22 miles in one stretch, when rain stopped play, but felt I could have carried on. Im cycling 10 miles every other day and have been for a week.
    My question to you all are,
    Am I training hard enough ?
    What extra types of food do I need to be eating., I don't need to drop any weight, I've already lost 8 pounds this month.
    Your advice would be appreciated
  2. Pauluk

    Pauluk Senior Member

    Condolences naminder and welcome. Your fitness doesn't seem to be a problem from what you are saying, but if you have lost 8lbs in ,what, 3 weeks (and I assume your of normal weight and this loss is caused by your bereavement) I would suggest you have to sort this out first before it gets any worse.

    I would try a longer ride before the big day and make sure you are able to eat properly day to day and during the ride. During the ride you need energy foods and little treats (things like jelly babies, fig biscuits and energy bars). Other foods like pastas, spoil yourself with some tasty wholesome sandwiches that may normally be considered fattening. There will be loads of advice available on this forum on what to eat but it becomes a matter of personal choice and common sense to some extent.

    What sort of foods did you eat before the tragic loss of your sister. Did these keep you in good shape before.
  3. OP

    naminder Well-Known Member

    Thank you Paul for your reply.
    I'm consious of my weight loss and am making a real effort to eat more. I'm not doing any other form of exercise, apart from the cycing, at the moment, which may me gain a few pounds. This might help my energy levels for longer rides. Should I be aiming for at least half of the 54 miles comfortably?
  4. defy-one

    defy-one Guest

    Sat sri akal Naminder. A few long training rides, try to do some steady cycling and mix it up with some short sharp speed work.
    4 weeks after a loss must be difficult,but focusing on something positive in the autumn is a great way to try and move forward.
    Small treats all along the way will keep your energy levels up,otherwise you will bonk and barely have the legs to move!
    I know as i had this happen to me recently.
    Best of luck with the L2B and come back to the forum often
  5. Pauluk

    Pauluk Senior Member

    Well it sounds like you've done that already with your 22 miler but I guess if it were me I'd do that again for the training and practice.
    You sound like quite a physically fit girl so I'm sure you'll be fine, especially as your appetite returns to normal and you start looking after yourself again.

    Good luck and let us know how you are getting on.
  6. jdtate101

    jdtate101 Ex-Fatman

    Boring Birmingham
    See if you can convince a mate to do it with you, that way you can encourage each other when you start to flag. A social ride always makes the ride go faster anyway...
  7. OP

    naminder Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much for the advice, I'll let you know how I'm getting on.
  8. Deanno1dad

    Deanno1dad Well-Known Member

    I did this years London 2 Brighton..I trained upto 40 miles before..could have got away with a 30-35 mile training schedule..need to do a 30 miler once a week to get used to it.
    Take nuts/malt loaf..bannanas etc and fluids for the ride..sure youll be fine.

    Good luck
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