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So me and my friend are planning on to cycling to Brighton from Purley and back this week. We'll be using this route:

Both of us are amateurs, and are just ought to have fun, and to complete the challenge of course.

Apart from having enough water, food, spare inner tubes, tools, a good mood.

What else could we need on this ride?

I've searched the forum, specially for this route, read a dozen of topics, got a quite a good idea what to expect.

I'm just wondering, maybe there is another, better route than the one I posted above?

Any tips, advices will be welcome:smile:

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Route looks peachy.

Good shorts and Gloves and clothing appropriate to variable weather conditions are important.
Major issue is that you're exposed to the elements for a lot of hours, so sun-protection and wind and rain protection even if it looks a sky-blue day.

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