London to the Algarve


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Hi there folks

Anyone here could Share any experience on touring from London or France to the Algarve Portugal ?
Any tips?best route ? best bike and equipment required?

Help is appreciated
I've done a few multi-month tours.

The bike wants to be "comfortable" as you'll be spending hours on it day after day ...... :laugh:
As to what bike, that all depends on what type of tour you're on.
If you're credit card touring then the bike can be a lot lighter than if you're camping as you don't need to carry as much kit.
If you're camping make sure you're gears are low enough to climb hills with the extra weight. True touring gears tend to fit in the range from around 100" to the low 20". This is 10%-20% lower than most "road" bikes.

As for route.
I'll have a rough idea where I'll go when I set out and tend to make a more detailed route as I go along. But it will all be subject to change if I feel like it ....... :tongue:

Luck .......... ^_^
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