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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by aserota, 24 Jun 2008.

  1. aserota

    aserota Über Member

    Im planning on cycling to Brighton and back in a few weeks, but my bike is still having a lot of teething problems. It is now in an unridable state (this is not up for discussion) and i would like to get it repaired at 'onyourbike' in london bridge.

    Im based in canons park and commute to london bridge on the jubilee line daily, however i am told i cant take the bike with me as its a deep underground station.

    What are my options? can i take a wheel off and go on the tube....I carried home a huge box with a bike stand during rush hour and there were no quibbles, any opinions?
  2. yello

    yello Legendary Member

    You're okay on the Met line aren't you? Outside of peak hours that is. You could do Baker Street to Aldgate.... or stick the bike in a box. But I reckon you'd not be allowed to do the 'take the wheel off' option.
  3. yorkshiregoth

    yorkshiregoth Master of all he surveys

    bikes are not allowed in tunnel sections at any time and this includes the entire Waterloo and city line and victoria line. Or any line between 0730 - 0930 & 1600 - 1900 hrs. Outside of these times then unfolded bikes are allowed on:

    Circle and district met and hammersmith & city lines (all)

    Jubilee line they are only allowed between Finchley rd - stanmore and from Canning Town and Stratford.

    Also any items over 2 metres are not allowed at any times.

    Just taking the wheels off wouldn't classify it as a foldable bike I'm afraid.

    I have even had staff assaulted by people trying to bring bikes into my station unfortunately so please don't give the gateline staff grief over it. It isn't us being difficult but rather regulations.
  4. yello

    yello Legendary Member

    So you're sorted aserota! Jubilee line to Finchley Road, Met line to Aldgate, district line to Monument, walk across the bridge. Bob's your auntie!
  5. Paulus

    Paulus Getting older by the minute

    Or even, Jubilee to Finchley Road, Met. to Liverpool Street and Circle line to monument. The District Line bypasses Aldgate. Your thinking of Aldgate East.
  6. yello

    yello Legendary Member

    I'm thinking of Winona Ryder at the moment! But, yes, looking at a tube map, it's Aldgate East. Cheers.
  7. rich p

    rich p ridiculous old lush

    Mornington Crescent:blush::biggrin:
  8. Perry

    Perry Senior Member

    East London/Essex

    Hey Yorkshire Goth, I also work for LUL!
  9. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    Maybe he's your boss? :ohmy::blush::becool:
  10. yorkshiregoth

    yorkshiregoth Master of all he surveys

    I'm a station manager in west London. Anywhere near you?
  11. OP

    aserota Über Member


    Canons Park to finchley road, then to aldgate and 20 mins walk, so easy

    Thanks guys, easier to go to west hampstead then silverlink to london bridge, just got to check this is ok for 7 tomorrow
  12. The Jogger

    The Jogger Guru

    Yorkshiregoth, are you a DSM
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