Lonely Sunday riding

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Many years ago I used to ride with the local CTC riders they all wore "normal clothes " and touring bikes it was and Im sure still is a social event I go out on Sundays now and I feel very much the odd one out me on a touring bike with "normal "clothes ones comfortable on the bike but get off the bike and you don't look like a cyclist ,every one else is a Sunday sportif rider either alone and head down going for it or usually a group ,I feel like an alien landing on the wrong planet ,the only way to fit in is buy a sportif bike ,lycra and double my average speed none of witch I want to do ,there are benefits with solo riding the silence ,wild life ,taking in the views, go when you want but I do have a pang of envy while at a café watching the groups chatting away ,unfortunately at present don't have time or energy to join a club or group ,I do however enjoy exchanging a greeting and occasionally talking to the ones I meet ,but what has happened to all the "normal " Sunday cyclist did they morph in sportifs or just disappear.


Eh up
Whats a Sunday sportif rider ?

I ride alone a lot, because I like it that way, I wear lycra cycling gear as its comfortable and made for cycling, shock horror! I even wear lycra on the MTB.


I have a busy work life and have (had) a busy home life. The solitude, rather than loneliness, is a big attraction in cycling to me. I only turn up for my club run about 5 times a year, they are the only times I have a cafe stop. I often wear lycra, but not always.


Some people wear Kalvin Kline underwear in a way that allows the whole world to see them...
Others follow... Some wear jeans with rips from new. . Others follow..

Some peoole have to follow... Then there's the one's who just do what they like. That'd be me then.. Leave the sheep to do what makes them happy.
I always ride alone because I hate bloody cyclists !! :laugh::laugh:

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It does`nt matter what you wear. What is normal anyway ? It is the same in all walks of life. Pass anybody in the street, some will be dressed to the nines, some in work clothes, some in jeans and so on. You wear what you are comfortable in and enjoy the cycling. I always cycle on my own and yes I do wear lyrca but only because that is what I am comfortable in and not because I wan`t to look like a TdF wannabe. Enjoy.


Sometimes I go out with a CTC group and more often by myself. I don't really notice what other cyclists wear and if I did it wouldn't worry me one way or the other. I tend to wear lycra because I find it more comfortable.
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