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Hi all,

I am thinking of riding from Alfreton area to Leicester soon which is around 45miles. I have never done such distance and the furthest i have done is around 20 miles the other month and a few 15 to 17 miles before that. Do you think its a bit crazy trying 45 to 50 miles so soon as i have not been out on my bike for a month.



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Depends on your general level of fitness really, who can tell. Were you really stretched with your 20 miler or do you think you had something left. Do you have a contingency plan if things don't go well, can you really take your time or do you have any time constraints.

Take food and drink.


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I have plenty of time. I do have a lift back in the car and i do have rear mounted bags so i can pack drinks and food. was going to use the route 6 cycyle way.
Have been given some awesome advice in the past...If it's a one off, you can always do more than you would expect (but maybe give yourself a little more time than you think). The other thing is to drink before you are thirsty and eat before you are hungry. You'll be surprised!


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As a contingency, can your lift pick you up part way if things don't go well during the second half of your journey if you were to contact them via mobile phone.

Also, do you have time to do say a 10 then a 30 miler before the big day in preparation. It is over twice what you are used too so you have to be practical, but it seems a shame to be put off trying it.

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On my thrid week of full cycling done a 30 and a rather hilly 50 go for it


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I had a look at the British Heart Foundation website a little while ago. For their longer rides they have a set of training routines that they have developed. They're quite involved, including diet suggestions, rest periods, specific ride exercises and so on. I can't say I've followed anything so regimented myself though, I just do regular rides to try and stay 'saddle ready'. If I'm going to do a distance, say a charity ride or some such of up to 40 miles or so, I build up to a level whereby I do a practice ride of about 80% of the target distance with about a week to go. Then I go to the pub and treat myself.
I'm currently doing a regular 7 miles an evening for 3 to 4 evenings a week, with a once a week 16 mile circuit that includes some bitchy little hills which even have me loosening my tie. As I feel quite fresh afterwards I reckon I could probably do a forty something trip, with a couple of rest halts for an oaty bar and water on the way.
Have you got a chum or two to ride with you? Morale support on the day goes a long way to making the miles disappear. Most importantly, enjoy the ride. You'll get a buzz when you've done it, and not just from the muscle tremors!


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If you can do half the distance in training - and keep up the shorter rides on a regular basis - you'll be fine.
The adrenalin of the event gives you a boost so it seems like only half as far again as you've done before, rather than twice as far.


No one said you have to do it in one go. Do 20, stop for 10-15 mins and have a food break. Then do the next 20, then stop and do that last 5


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Just go for it, i had owned my bike for about 3 weeks & did a 45 miler & my previous longest had been 26.....i'm a 44 year old that needs to lose a bit of wight aswell so not super fit or anything.

Just take your time & rest if you need to, take plenty fluid & stuff to eat (i forgot that bit !)

And most of all......try to enjoy it.


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hi, me and a friend just did 43.8 miles today was a tough ride though, about 7 or 8 long steep hill climbs, around 10 really fast descents and the road was wet/greasy on the descent too! good challenging ride!:smile: just go for it !
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