Long Shot swap Endura humvee 3/4 shorts XL for L

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by samsbike, 14 Sep 2018.

  1. samsbike

    samsbike Über Member

    I have pair of the above, new with tags, but they are a size too big.

    So if anyone has a L bought in error, would you care to swap?

  2. rj.hr6

    rj.hr6 New Member


    I've got a pair of black large, worn once if I remember, a couple of years ago, and hanging up ever since.

    This is my first post, so if you want to lead the way as it were, I'll wait to hear from you.

    Thanks, Rich.

    hr6 is my postcode by the way, if that's any help.
  3. OP

    samsbike Über Member

    Will drop you a pm
  4. rj.hr6

    rj.hr6 New Member


    Got your PM, but couldn't find a reply button there.

    I didn't like the padded liners, as a consequence of which I no longer have them.

    PM your address and I'll send the shorts to you, and if they don't suit, send 'em back.

    Regards, Rich.
    Mod Note:
    Hi Rich, and welcome to CC!
    As a new member you need a few posts (I think 4 or 5) before the PM feature is available to you.
    Enjoy the forum,
    all the best,
    Last edited: 20 Sep 2018
  5. rj.hr6

    rj.hr6 New Member

    Hi Sam,

    In an attempt to boost my post count with a view to PM capability, you can hold onto the liners in your XL's; I'm not a great fan of them myself.

    I'll wait to hear from you.

    Cheers, Rich.
  6. rj.hr6

    rj.hr6 New Member

  7. rj.hr6

    rj.hr6 New Member

    I'll assume it wasn't the shorts you wanted at all, but the liners.

    Hope I didn't waste too much of your time.

    Your welcome.....
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