1. J

    bib shorts

    any heads up on reasonable priced quality bibs. cheers jags.
  2. Pedropete

    Looking for cargo shorts with large pockets, a bit of stretch and a reinforced seat

    As per the title, I'm looking for cargo shorts that are suitable for wearing while cycling. I'm actually working from the bike and having T1 diabetes means I have to carry a fair few medical gadgets and carbs on my person in addition to the usual wallet, phone, keys etc. This means that from...
  3. Darius_Jedburgh

    Ladies - I want your cycling shorts.

    Not me really, but SWMBO. She's tootling around on her new(ish) trike but is feeling uncomfortable in certain areas. Saddle is not a problem, it's the rubbing of undergarments and shorts causing chafing in areas that I'm not allowed to look at. So what do you ladies wear? Some sort of decent...
  4. J

    socks and bib shorts

    as above whats worth buying that doesnt cost an fortune. cheers folks jags.
  5. rrarider

    Altura Pro Gel shorts care?

    After many years, nearly all my shorts containing a real chamois crotch linining have now worn out and I have had to replace them with those containing a synthetic material. I had always washed my shorts in soap flakes and occasionally treated them with chamois cream, which I believe was...
  6. chris-suffolk

    Corrine Denis shorts, Altura base-layer, various books

    Corrine Denis shorts, Altura base-layer, various books: Two pairs Corrine Denis cycle shorts, padded. Worn but in good condition (I switched to bib shorts). One pair I've over-sewn couple of seams. I'm 34 inch waist, and they are a good fit for me. These cost £50 each when new. £15.00 for the...
  7. kingrollo

    BIB Shorts with thicker pad.

    Don't want to spend the earth - but any suggestions for a set of bib shorts. I tend to be more comfortable in shorts with a thicker pad - was looking at DHB ? - any suggestions before I pull the trigger ?
  8. Shack

    Waterproof shorts

    Afternoon all, well this rain is very much persisting down here in the SW, I'm in the market for some waterproof shorts, either overshorts or some vaguely (for I'm sure that's all they'll be) waterproof 'normal' shorts. Any recommendations, or ones to steer clear of ? (I did have some cheap...
  9. The Rover

    SOLD - Le Col Hors Categorie Heritage Bib Shorts - medium

    Afternoon. Immaculate condition bib shorts, used once in size medium. Size guide in the below link and photos to follow. £60 posted. Cheers Stuart
  10. The Rover

    Sold - Mountain bike shorts - endura hummvee 3/4s.

    Afternoon. Selling these for my brother in law who bought them pre lockdown, removed the tags and never wore them. Guess what, they don’t fit anymore..... They are the endura hummvee 3/4 baggy shorts in size large, I’d suggest they'd fit a 34-36in waist. As per the link they have loads of...
  11. A

    Shorts for shorter guys.....

    Hi ya, I am a bit of a shorty, 5”5” I have always stayed away from ‘proper” cycling shorts and use padded boxers. As I am always worried they will be too long in the leg. Does anyone know of a brand aimed at us shorties......:)
  12. Dwn

    Shorts for touring

    Like a great many people, my plans for a short tour (my first) in France and Belgium were thwarted by Covid 19. While disappointing personally, I'm acutely aware that this was a trivial outcome in the grand scheme of things. Anyway, I've started thinking about doing a slightly longer tour next...
  13. A

    How do I know if my bib shorts are the right size?

    I have bought some castelli bib shorts I can get into them, but how do I know whether they are too small or the right fit?
  14. A

    Are bib shorts really more comfortable than normal shorts?

    I have only ever had normal shorts and I was wondering whether it would be worth investing in good quality bib shorts or is there not much of a difference between bib shorts and normal shorts?
  15. livpoksoc

    Bib shorts for the larger lad

    I've had a trusty pair of DHB shorts for seven years or so, along with another pair from Decathlon. Both have been eaten by the washing machine, so I want to get a new pair for when they finally become a distraction for other road users. I ordered four pairs of DHB shorts over the last couple...
  16. R

    Large shorts or bib shorts

    Hi, i have put on a little weight over the past 17 or so weeks so am looking to get back on the turbo. i have one small problem however I can't find anywhere selling extra large sized shorts. I have tried decathlon & wiggle, but they have not got ones up to 44". Can anyone advise where else I...
  17. roadrash

    Craghopper shorts size 36

    As title says ,a pair of Craghopper shorts in Label says dark brown ,but to me they look black , size 36. Wrong size,, no receipt. Brand new I Paid £35 so how about £25 posted
  18. carlosfandangus

    Craft Classic logo bib shorts XXL brand new in bags with tags

    I bought 4 (yes 4) in winter, I have used 2 and 2 are still brand new in their bags, unopened, one black the other dark blue. I want £25 per pair inc postage, (for the new ones)that is about half price and as cheap no brand/make shorts, first photo is one of 2 pairs I am keeping, the other is...
  19. P

    New bib shorts help

    Hi everyone my current pair dhb Aeron are worn out. budget £50 to £70. On my list van Rysel rr900 none in stock. dhb Aeron currently reduced to £60 lusso(bottom end of there range) am I miss anything.any help greatly appreciated ^_^
  20. bobsinatra

    Entry level cycle shorts

    Hi I am starting to do longing rides. About 30 miles over a couple of hours. I cycle in building shorts, so no padding exists. Therefore I think some cycling shorts would do me good. I am not looking to break the bank and the top of my budget would be £50. Any recommendations appreciated...
  21. nickg

    Childs bike seat or padded shorts?

    My daughter has a scott junior mountain bike. We've done a couple of easy rides now but she says it hurts her bum. Like us all we just get used to it and maybe add some padded shorts and upgrade the seat. I've not looked for stuff yet but was wondering what other parents have done for there...
  22. Twilkes

    SOLD - Altura Tempo liner shorts - large

    Took them out of the packet so can't return to Tredz, never worn, tag still on them, tried to try them on but iirc they never made it past my thighs so the insides are untouched! i'm a 36" waist but with thunderlegs so might suit someone 36" waist but less meaty, or a 32-34" waist. £7 posted...
  23. FlyingCyclist

    Bib shorts or regular shorts with leg warmers or Bib tights?

    Not sure what to go for. Either Bib shorts, or regular shorts with leg warmers. Or bib tights? Thermal or non-thermal. Looking for all year round clothing? Opinions? (I've never worn bibs before so it's all new to me)
  24. cyberknight

    How to stop bib shorts riding up leg

    The shorts i bought in the halfords sale for a grand sum of £5 each on sale down from about £45 are great apart from one issue, waist wise they are perfect but the shorts ride up my leg on long rides nd i get bunching under the crotch, got a saddle sore last week . Is there any way to make...
  25. S

    Belkin Giant/santini short sleeve shirt & bib shorts M combo £30 posted

    Giant short sleeve shirt in Medium ,Santini Bib shorts in an 'Italian' large so effectively a medium for both items. Matching logo and designs the shirt is unworn bibs 2-3 times only.
  26. Neil27

    Shoes, cycle tops, rain tops, cycle shorts, gloves - clear out!

    Hi guys, Having a clear out due to no longer involved in the sport. all items show little or no wear, aside from the castillo shower cape. When i say VGC they are as new and have been worn no more a few times. Vittoria cycle shoes, size 10, velcro fasteners, fitted with shimano cleats. VGC -...
  27. Dave7

    Cycle shorts. How long (in miles) should they last?

    Had my Endura Pros for several years so notched up a few thousand miles (between 2 pairs). My bum/sit bones have got tougher and I have got more 'ride fit' generally. At the weekend, part way through a 30 I got some discomfort so had a 10 minute rest then all was fine. But it got me thinking...
  28. Polocini

    SOLD (honest)Amazing & awesome jersey and shorts (for big time riders only) strong look......

    This is the kit for a special rider. Tanned shaved legs? Do you have several different skin lotions you apply after showering? Do you use a special hair product? Do you ride with 80mm deep section wheels in all weathers? Aero bike? Only ride sram red or dura ace? Love of fluro? Cant walk past a...
  29. Vantage


    Decathlon ST900 bib shorts. Black with white mesh top. Small size. Worn once. Too tight for fatso here. Can't return as I've removed the labels. £15 including postage.
  30. gavroche

    Bib shorts.

    What good quality, well padded and comfortable bib shorts that will not give me a sure bum after 30 miles? Please, what shop and how much to expect to pay?
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