1. C

    Shorts and tights recommendations

    I believe that my faithful shorts are beginning to thin. Rather than wait for someone riding behind me on a cc social ride to advise me quietly it's time to change them, I want to pre-empt that convo and get some new ones. I've recently tried bib shorts but the dimensions don't work. I've a...
  2. gavroche

    Recommende good bib shorts for longer rides.

    All the ones I have are good for up to 40 miles, after that, my bum hurts and the ride becomes uncomfortable so what make to you recommend that will have padding good enough to go past 40 miles? Budget about £120.
  3. Tank63

    Padded shorts and tights

    whats the view in regards to using padded cycling shorts and tights. I've just ordered some bib shorts from fat lad at the back and they look to not have any padding. Do I therefore add padding or are they designed not to use padding. I've always used baggy padded shorts in the past so...
  4. hoppym27

    Padded bib shorts

    What's the best ones to get to spend all day on the bike? Up to about the hundred pound mark
  5. Sandra6

    ladies assos laalalai 7 shorts

    Brand new, with box and tags. Size large. £60
  6. PeteXXX

    My favourite riding shorts are no more...

    My favourite riding shorts have finally had the ar$e ridden out of them.... They've been the most comfortablest shorts I've had. :cry:
  7. R

    Padded shorts

    Recommend me some 'high' mileage shorts, doing JOGLE in August and starting to suffer saddle sores on training rides over 50 miles, had bike fit and have tried various creams, using a Charge Spoon saddle.
  8. graham bowers

    Shorts bit-of-string question

    I'm currently using inexpensive Planet X 365 bibshorts ( ) and a Spa cycles Nidd saddle that has over 2000 miles on it, so is broken in. My bike, a Hewitt tourer, was fitted to me by the man himself. I cycle regularly...
  9. Blue Hills

    Tenn clothing, particularly lycra shorts

    Some apparent bargains here. But how good are they? Am particularly interested, potentially, in the lycra shorts
  10. SuperHans123

    Ride Aquazero bib tights with a Dolomiti Chamois XXL worn three times

    I bought these in mid-October 2016. Here is my thread asking for advice on the subject:- Worn three times in great condition. Review...
  11. GuyBoden

    25 mile test ride, no padded shorts or creams.

    I'm just experimenting with riding without padded shorts and creams, like I did in my old riding days. After a short ride of 25 miles, I didn't feel any chaffing or soreness, but my testicles were not as constrained as in padded shorts. I didn't ride my usual 50-70 miles, it was just a test, but...
  12. Sunny Portrush

    bib shorts v shorts

    Just wondering what the difference between the two. I`ve only worn padded shorts and never felt uncomfortable in them. Has anyone gone from shorts to bib shorts and sworn never to go back again or vice versa? What are the merits of the bib short?
  13. CanucksTraveller

    Bib shorts for the curvier lady

    One for the ladies of CycleChat: Which brands of bib shorts are generally the most suitable for the larger / curvier lady? My wife is around a size 18 on the bottom half, and she's currently wearing some BTwin full length bib tights, however I'd like to get her a pair of really well fitting...
  14. FlatCapCyclist

    Waterproof shorts wearing out

    Last year I went through 3 pairs of Tenns (have padded ones underneath but I like something baggier with pockets on top) - all wore out in the inner thigh area. A bit fed up I swapped to another cheap'ish make for the 4th pair but whilst lasting longer, have just worn holes in the same place...
  15. gelfy666

    MTB shorts for the larger person??

    I'm trying to find some decent baggie MTB shorts that have 40" waist as I'm not the slimmest of people. Can find XXXL on eblag but even those are 38". Any recommendations very welcome..... Apart from lose weight.
  16. Polite

    Brand new cycling shorts

    They are an unwanted Christmas gift, too big, with the original tags still attached. I didn't keep the belt that came with them. Endura Urban. Two normal front pockets. Two zip back pockets. Size is extra large. They fit to around the knee (I am 6'2"). Made from a four way stretchy but very...
  17. Johnno260

    Endura FS260 Pro II bib shorts

    I was thinking of getting some regular shorts but after a little research decided bibshorts would be a better option. I really like Endura gear and I am tempted by some Endura FS260 Pro II bib shorts. Do people have some opinions on these they could share please?
  18. BigAndyH

    Sugoi RS Sub Zero (winter weight) Bib Shorts - New, Size XXL

    Winter weight bib shorts which I bought in the sales, but tried on (with boxers underneath) for the first time two weeks ago and they are too small - there is a size guide here. I removed the tags to try them, but will put them back in the bag. Looking for £40 posted
  19. jowwy

    2 pairs of baggy shorts - never worn. *****sold*****

    1st pair are gore baggys Size XXL - never worn £25 paypal gift - free post Endura zyme baggy shorts XL - never worn £25 paypal gift - free post
  20. steveindenmark

    All in one cycle shorts and jersey

    All in one cycle shorts and jersey. Do such things exist? I don't like cycle shorts by themselves and the straps on the bib shorts annoy me. If the all-in ones do exist, what do they call them.?
  21. albal

    Specialized shorts

    Never worn with tags size xxL. £25 Delivered.
  22. G

    Vulpine Cotton Rain Shorts Size L Now Sold

    Lovely pair of water resistant shorts in size large. Great quality and detailing and the RRP on these is £115. These are used, but still in good condition and with loads of wear left in them yet. Two front side pockets and one has a little carabiner for keys inside. One rear pocket with magnetic...
  23. SuperHans123

    Madison Addict Men's waterproof shorts Size XL

    Here for sale is a pair of Men's Madison Addict Shorts in Size XL. Worn once. In near mint condition. Asking £20 inc P&P Payment via Paypal/Bank Transfer
  24. Polite

    *SOLD* Endura Urban Cycle Shorts free P&P

    Selling due to weight loss. 6 months old. A slim fitting, urban cycling short (no lycra) with two front pockets and two zipped back pockets. Endura products are so well made, robust and deserve their nickname of 'bomb proof'. I have had to buy a new pair a size smaller otherwise they wouldn't be...
  25. DCLane

    Decathlon summer bib shorts S size - £4 posted - quite see-thru

    I bought a batch of four of these and only wore this pair. Once. For about 30 seconds - I came downstairs in them and SMWBO went :eek: , :giggle: , :thumbsdown: and :ninja: rather than :rose: They're size Small and the material on the side panels is very see through. You've been warned! £4...
  26. Accy cyclist

    Do the pads in our cycling shorts lose their padding affect if worn around the house?

    That's my question. I like to wear my cycling shorts, provided they aren't wet or sweaty, around the house after a ride. I've even worn them down the pub:whistle:. The thing is does sitting down on a flat chair kind of squash the padding more than on a bike saddle?
  27. Soltydog

    Vulpine Hoy Senko Bib shorts size XXL

    Recently bought these in the sale, reduced from £125 to £40, but they are a little too large for me. worn once for a 25 mile ride so cant be returned, but they are as new. Anyone interested at £35?
  28. livpoksoc

    Repairing my...bib shorts

    I might have accidentally put a pair of my bibs in with some jeans & now they have a chunk out of them. Has anyone bothered repairing their shorts before and is it worth it, or should I just bin them and get some more?
  29. Spinney

    dhb Women's shorts

    Wiggle do two dhb brand women's shorts: 'Women's shorts' for £20, and 'Classic women's shorts' for £40. Just wondering if anyone has tried them, and what makes the classic ones worth (or rather, cost!) twice as much? Ta Spinney
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