1. SuperHans123

    Madison Addict Men's waterproof shorts Size XL

    Here for sale is a pair of Men's Madison Addict Shorts in Size XL. Worn once. In near mint condition. Asking £20 inc P&P Payment via Paypal/Bank Transfer
  2. Polite

    *SOLD* Endura Urban Cycle Shorts free P&P

    Selling due to weight loss. 6 months old. A slim fitting, urban cycling short (no lycra) with two front pockets and two zipped back pockets. Endura products are so well made, robust and deserve their nickname of 'bomb proof'. I have had to buy a new pair a size smaller otherwise they wouldn't be...
  3. DCLane

    Decathlon summer bib shorts S size - £4 posted - quite see-thru

    I bought a batch of four of these and only wore this pair. Once. For about 30 seconds - I came downstairs in them and SMWBO went :eek: , :giggle: , :thumbsdown: and :ninja: rather than :rose: They're size Small and the material on the side panels is very see through. You've been warned! £4...
  4. Accy cyclist

    Do the pads in our cycling shorts lose their padding affect if worn around the house?

    That's my question. I like to wear my cycling shorts, provided they aren't wet or sweaty, around the house after a ride. I've even worn them down the pub:whistle:. The thing is does sitting down on a flat chair kind of squash the padding more than on a bike saddle?
  5. Soltydog

    Vulpine Hoy Senko Bib shorts size XXL

    Recently bought these in the sale, reduced from £125 to £40, but they are a little too large for me. worn once for a 25 mile ride so cant be returned, but they are as new. Anyone interested at £35?
  6. livpoksoc

    Repairing my...bib shorts

    I might have accidentally put a pair of my bibs in with some jeans & now they have a chunk out of them. Has anyone bothered repairing their shorts before and is it worth it, or should I just bin them and get some more?
  7. Spinney

    dhb Women's shorts

    Wiggle do two dhb brand women's shorts: 'Women's shorts' for £20, and 'Classic women's shorts' for £40. Just wondering if anyone has tried them, and what makes the classic ones worth (or rather, cost!) twice as much? Ta Spinney
  8. rrarider

    Washing genuine chamois lined shorts

    I have a couple of pairs of cycling shorts with a genuine chamois insert. By this I mean it's a piece of leather from a chamois goat, not a piece of synthetic material. These are quite old , still in good condition and comfortable. I wash them, as was recommended, in soap flakes. It appears...
  9. Z

    How good are 10 year old unused bike shorts compared to the latest of the same price?

    Hello! I have a question. I am looking for bike shorts and i stumbled upon some pretty cheap used ones. Now a particular seller is selling some Giordana bib bike shorts,which are about 10 years old. He's selling them for 20 dollars. Though he said he only used them for a few months and since...
  10. Dave7

    Endura Pro FS260 Bib Shorts (virtually new) Size Medium

    I wear Endura NON-BIB shorts and find them really good. So I decided to try bib-shorts so bought 2 pair. I just don't get on with them so am sticking with the standard non-bib type. One pair has been worn perhaps 10 times and the other pair just twice.........but I have just got them out of the...
  11. Spinney

    Go Outdoors Zucci ladies cycling shorts

    Bargain, I thought, at £8 (that's the price with their discount card). Should have known better. They look OK on the face of it, seams stitched OK and shaped pad. No rubbery stuff around the bottom of the legs to stop them riding up, but at that price I can mange without. But when I tried them...
  12. Accy cyclist

    Padded goalkeeper shorts good for cycling?

    Following last week's incident when someone fell into me knocking me off my bike and injuring me, i'm wondering if some padding will prevent further injury to my hips and upper legs. Obviously goalkeepers use them for when they fall to the floor making a save. The padding takes the impact. I...
  13. macp

    A question of shorts

    I was musing the other day that I have been solidly riding & commuting on bike for 2yrs and most of the time I ride in shorts but then I noticed the other day that even when im not riding im still wearing shorts. Is it an age thing, am I a lazy sod or is it some rite of passage like reaching...
  14. Dirk

    *SOLD * Endura Humvee MTB shorts *SOLD*

    Men's Humvee shorts by Endura. Size - Large Snap in separate padded liner shorts. Worn once only. £25 posted.
  15. Spud Murphy

    New to padded shorts

    Hi all, i have just purchased my first pair of padded shorts. Has anyone got any sugestiins / tips that might help me on their use / care of?
  16. I

    Colourful shorts for blokes

    Hi! I'm fed up of men's shirts being boring and black, and am getting insanely jealous of women's colourful, any idea of where to get colourful men's bibs, or how much difference between men's and women's pads is there? Thanks
  17. DCLane

    SOLD : men's jerseys, shorts and other bits. XS, Small (most items) or Large (bib shorts only)

    For sale - as apparently my 'bike clothes' drawer has taken over the room and for some reason that's not acceptable :wacko: ... Polaris Small men's MTB jersey in grey/red/cream. rear diagonal and a zipped pocket but also a rear pull. £3 Gill Small men's MTB jersey, long-sleeved in dark red...
  18. gbs

    Campag jersey and shorts

    Summer is here. Worn 3 times only, XL jersey and shorts from the venerable house of Campagnolo. Surplus to my needs These fit me well - I am 6'2" and weigh < 13 st 80kg but I think would accommodate larger and smaller folk. £50 cash in Central London or £55 if posted
  19. Dec66

    Shorts question (warning: contains some *ick* content)

    I'm in the market for new shorts, the basic Halfords jobbies I've had for a couple of years just don't seem to have enough in the padding department for my tired old undercarriage (and yes, I know rule # 5 applies). There is another thing, though, and I really can't sugar coat this, so here...
  20. outlash

    Vulpine summer shorts (L)

    Worn literally a couple of times, if only to confirm they're a little too tight around the thighs. Otherwise they'll only sit in a draw for another couple of years. These are 'as new' and are a *really* nice pair of tailored shorts. Full info here...
  21. s7ephanie

    ladies cycling shorts

    What do you recommend? I think my 3 year old muddy fox ones need replacing ! My poor little nunu this morning made me cut short my ride. Can't afford anything too expensive. Thanks x:wub:
  22. Turdus philomelos

    Liv Giant Jersey and Bid Shorts XXXL

    Bought from Ebay and really got the sizing wrong for me. . Surprisingly for cycling clobber XXXL is actually XXXL. Arm pit to armpit 23"/590mm. Just looking to recover cost of the set.
  23. gbs

    bib shorts for longer rides

    Maybe the pads on my various shorts are wearing with age or weight loss has given me less natural padding. Whatever the reason I now find that 100+k rides now give me uncomfortable sensations. Of the brands that I trust - Gore, Mavic and Sportful - which models are best suited to my needs?
  24. Accy cyclist

    Going for a pee wearing bib shorts

    I've always worn cycle shorts without a bib. I've been thinking about getting some with a bib. The question is what happens when i'm out riding and need to take a crafty pee? You can't just drop your shorts like non bib ones and lob it out. How do you take a sneaky pee in that hedgerow?
  25. Nibor

    SOLD XXXL Cycling shorts

    2 pairs of these in 3XL very little use the legs are a bit baggy on me so bought some 2XL very comfortable with a great shammy £15 for both pairs posted in UK paypal gift
  26. T

    Road shorts for long legs

    Hi, so my build is somewhere between that of Wiggins/Froome I would say, and I need some road shorts where the pad fits nice and snug like a medium but at the same time ideally I could do with the length of an XL. Shorts just seem to come up too short on me. Any suggestions?
  27. Smokin Joe

    Cycling Shorts and Compression Socks

    The only reason I returned the blokes wave was because he was bigger than me and he looked like a BMW driving type so I didn't want to risk a kicking. If I'd had a gun I'd have taken him down. I wonder if he's ever seen himself in a full length mirror? It's sick.
  28. outlash

    Madison tour baggy shorts

    Brand new, inner never worn. Outer only tried on briefly to confirm that I'm far from small. Specs here: £20 delivered.
  29. C

    Cycling Shorts & Tights Question

    Re posted in correct thread. Sorry this can be deleted
  30. Globalti

    New Naan-o Technology shorts reviewed.

    This is a new concept in shorts pads from Blackburn, Lancashire. The pad is thick and comfortable and you feel like you're sitting on air. The great feature is that the pad is actually edible! If you feel the bonk coming on, pull out the pad and enjoy. Any disadvantages? Well they didn't stand...
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