Bib Shorts


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Pad shapes and thickness vary enormously (even within a manufacturer’s range), depends on what you like

Do SP do free returns? If so, order and try on? If not, if no good it’ll cost £3 min to return.
If not maybe try on something in a shop or online from a Co with free returns (eg Wiggle DHB)

Are there reviews on SP site to give you an idea?


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Yes, yet another bib shorts thread.

Anyone had /have Rivelo bib shorts? On offer at Sport Pursuit for £49. Seem decent, only shorts I have are Chinese knock off's - is there much difference in comfort between them anyway?
I’m sure the Rivelo ones are fine but that is the price they always are - the RRP is a price that they’re rarely if ever sold at - only available at SportPursuit as they’re their own brand


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