1. A

    How do I know if my bib shorts are the right size?

    I have bought some castelli bib shorts I can get into them, but how do I know whether they are too small or the right fit?
  2. A

    Are bib shorts really more comfortable than normal shorts?

    I have only ever had normal shorts and I was wondering whether it would be worth investing in good quality bib shorts or is there not much of a difference between bib shorts and normal shorts?
  3. livpoksoc

    Bib shorts for the larger lad

    I've had a trusty pair of DHB shorts for seven years or so, along with another pair from Decathlon. Both have been eaten by the washing machine, so I want to get a new pair for when they finally become a distraction for other road users. I ordered four pairs of DHB shorts over the last couple...
  4. R

    Large shorts or bib shorts

    Hi, i have put on a little weight over the past 17 or so weeks so am looking to get back on the turbo. i have one small problem however I can't find anywhere selling extra large sized shorts. I have tried decathlon & wiggle, but they have not got ones up to 44". Can anyone advise where else I...
  5. Dave 123

    DHB classic ladies bib shorts size 10

    Hello, for sale we have one pair of unused ladies size 10 bib shorts. Currently selling on Wiggle for over £50. £40 is the asking price thank you.
  6. carlosfandangus

    Craft Classic logo bib shorts XXL brand new in bags with tags

    I bought 4 (yes 4) in winter, I have used 2 and 2 are still brand new in their bags, unopened, one black the other dark blue. I want £25 per pair inc postage, (for the new ones)that is about half price and as cheap no brand/make shorts, first photo is one of 2 pairs I am keeping, the other is...
  7. P

    New bib shorts help

    Hi everyone my current pair dhb Aeron are worn out. budget £50 to £70. On my list van Rysel rr900 none in stock. dhb Aeron currently reduced to £60 lusso(bottom end of there range) am I miss anything.any help greatly appreciated ^_^
  8. Dwn

    Rapha Core or DHB Aeron bib shorts?

    I've recently purchased my first pairs of bib tights, with pretty mixed results. Accordingly, I'd be interested in some advice before buying bib shorts. My chief criteria is comfort for all day rides - so a fairly cushioned pad. From magazine reviews I've narrowed it down to dhb Aeron or Rapha...
  9. FlyingCyclist

    Bib shorts or regular shorts with leg warmers or Bib tights?

    Not sure what to go for. Either Bib shorts, or regular shorts with leg warmers. Or bib tights? Thermal or non-thermal. Looking for all year round clothing? Opinions? (I've never worn bibs before so it's all new to me)
  10. M

    Boardman winter bib longs size medium

    Boardman winter bib longs size medium Used these for 4 / 5 times just to small for me. Willing to swap for three 700 x 25 inner tubes , good deal for someone . regards Mark
  11. cyberknight

    How to stop bib shorts riding up leg

    The shorts i bought in the halfords sale for a grand sum of £5 each on sale down from about £45 are great apart from one issue, waist wise they are perfect but the shorts ride up my leg on long rides nd i get bunching under the crotch, got a saddle sore last week . Is there any way to make...
  12. S

    Belkin Giant/santini short sleeve shirt & bib shorts M combo £30 posted

    Giant short sleeve shirt in Medium ,Santini Bib shorts in an 'Italian' large so effectively a medium for both items. Matching logo and designs the shirt is unworn bibs 2-3 times only.
  13. gavroche

    Bib shorts.

    What good quality, well padded and comfortable bib shorts that will not give me a sure bum after 30 miles? Please, what shop and how much to expect to pay?
  14. Julia9054

    Ladies bib shorts recommendation

    Having had my legs out for the first time this year, the pad in my Specialized bib shorts seems to have gone a bit flat and the edge seams rubbing a bit. They are 2 - 3 years old so time for a new pair. What brands do women on here recommend? Some seem to cost silly money. Is it worth it?
  15. dave147

    Bib shorts or leggings Worth the dosh

    Hi I have had a pair of bib shorts from decathlon and a couple of eBay but was thinking of a better brand and recommendation and are the worth the money as they look to be expensive
  16. Pumpkin the robot

    Lusso carbon bib shorts size large.

    I have a pair of Lusso carbon bib shorts size large. They only been worn a couple of times, as they are just a little on the large size for me. I replaced them with a pair in medium, and they are my go to shorts for 12hour+ audax rides. The pad is very comfortable! Review...
  17. The Central Scrutinizer

    Bibs Tights

    I was given a decathlon gift voucher for christmas and was looking around for some tights but also saw some good bargains for the bib tights. I have never wore bibs only waist tights.Surely if you get the wrong size(too big) won't that make them loose around the shoulders?
  18. Freelanderuk

    BTwin road 500 bib shorts bnwt *** Both Sold***

    I have 2 pairs of BTwin road 500 bib shorts for sale these are brand new with tags ,size large £17.50 each posted or £32.50 for both posted
  19. U

    Altura Airstream 2 bib shorts review

    Sizing miles out, 4 inches smaller at waist compared to my current race fit Altura bibs in same size, leg over 2 inches smaller around opening Lycra very thin. Pad in wrong place, does not cover anything at the front end:blush: No overlocked seams despite them being visible in the marketing...
  20. Trigger369

    Tight bib shorts.

    Bought myself dhb flashlight bib shorts abouy 2months ago . Picked a size going by the size chart size large . I'm 5"9 13st. Thought they were a bit tight round the meat and veg area but overall a snug fit . I went out today and tried on a few pair of different size dhb classic bib shorts and...
  21. Cuchilo

    Team GB bib shorts

    Now and then i see a guy on a TT bike in Richmond park ( i dropped him this morning :laugh: ) On the back of his blue bib shorts is GBR Aud . Any ideas if he is part of team GB or has he just bought some shorts ?
  22. DarrenH

    Bib shorts for a 6ft 4" slim man

    I have had enough of bib shorts not fitting correctly. I currently have Castilli and dhb bibs and although the material is snug on me, the pad is no where in the right place - comes too far past my sit bones and sort of sticks out the back. A bike shop recommended me Endura FS260 Pro shorts...
  23. darrensmith0410

    Bib Shorts

    Yes, yet another bib shorts thread. Anyone had /have Rivelo bib shorts? On offer at Sport Pursuit for £49. Seem decent, only shorts I have are Chinese knock off's - is there much difference in comfort between them anyway?
  24. U

    New bibs

  25. gavroche

    Recommende good bib shorts for longer rides.

    All the ones I have are good for up to 40 miles, after that, my bum hurts and the ride becomes uncomfortable so what make to you recommend that will have padding good enough to go past 40 miles? Budget about £120.
  26. hoppym27

    Padded bib shorts

    What's the best ones to get to spend all day on the bike? Up to about the hundred pound mark
  27. iLB

    Castelli Endurance X2 Bib shorts (L)

    I bought these for LEL but in the end they just sat in a drop bag as I didn't change out of my Assos. So they have done less than 30 miles of commuting and been washed. Essentially brand new, but can't justify keeping them now. £85 posted?
  28. Andywinds

    Long and short bibs

    This may sound like a silly question, but do some rider where a short bib over a longer one? Or is this just the style of some long bibs? When it was colder and I was a little sore I did this, but not sure if anyone else does?
  29. SuperHans123

    Ride Aquazero bib tights with a Dolomiti Chamois XXL worn three times

    I bought these in mid-October 2016. Here is my thread asking for advice on the subject:- Worn three times in great condition. Review...
  30. Sunny Portrush

    bib shorts v shorts

    Just wondering what the difference between the two. I`ve only worn padded shorts and never felt uncomfortable in them. Has anyone gone from shorts to bib shorts and sworn never to go back again or vice versa? What are the merits of the bib short?
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