Padded shorts and tights


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whats the view in regards to using padded cycling shorts and tights. I've just ordered some bib shorts from fat lad at the back and they look to not have any padding. Do I therefore add padding or are they designed not to use padding. I've always used baggy padded shorts in the past so purchasing an expensive bib shorts without padding worries me as I don't want my arse looking like a Wigan rosette, raw and painful.


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Try and see...or wear padded shorts underneath

Or send them back and get some padded bibs from FLAB or another make. Which bibs are they, bit surprised that they are selling unpadded bibs

Personally, I didn't cycle for more than a couple of miles without. Others never use them and do 600k audaxes etc unpadded

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I didn't know or think that FLAB sell unpadded shorts either. I must admit, the ones i bought from there don't have as much padding as others, but now i am used to them, i quite like them. As Vickster says, send them back and get another pair. Which ones are they?
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