long time

Big boy

Hi all its been ages since ive been able to post.
A lot gone on since i was last here.
I had my bike pinched. The hybrid.
Luckily i still had my budget road bike.
Ive quit smokin and now restarted big mistatake.
I have fitted flat bars and twist grip gears to the bike and now have no back pain afyer a ride.
I bought myself a liddle hrm complete with bike mount.
12.99 im well pleased with it.
I have just re started biking after an unavoidable lay off.
Legs just starting to work again and 2 weeks in the weight is coming off.
Hoping everyone is ok.
Soz about random message im posting from a smart phone.
Will try to get here more to post my progress.


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Keep at it Big boy, no slacking, we're all watching you.:thumbsup:
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