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The cycling group I am with has tasked me with looking into arranging a long weekend away in Ireland, it was suggested the Wicklow area. It would need to be in Youth Hostels as most of them aren't campers (indeed they are all retired and around the 60-75 age range).

I was thinking bikes on ferry from Holyhead to Dublin Port on either a Thursday or Friday. Then I have seen a Youth Hostel in Rathdrum which would be a nice place to base a weekend of cycling. According to google maps Rathdrum is about 33 miles away (based on the walking route). I'm not sure they'd all be up to cycling 33 miles after being on a ferry, so was looking for somewhere in between but can't find any other YH that aren't in Dublin. Any one know of any?

Also are there any roads out of Dublin that aren't busy. Quite a lot of them don't like busy roads and will go miles out of the way to avoid them. From looking at google maps they all look like busy main roads around the port area.

It would need to be the ferry from Holyhead rather than Fishguard as we are all up the Northern end of Wales and will either cycle (well I will!) to the ferry or get somebody to drop us off at Holyhead.

Any help on this would be appreciated as I've never looked into arranging for a group to go away before and I don't want it to end in disaster!


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Sounds very plausible especially if you can travel them thirty odd miles if time permits after the crossing. I have made that crossing a few times although I didnt pay much attention im afraid. The other crossing I take is to the north of ireland travelling from liverpool, but this ferry was an all day affair leaving little time for lots of mileage to cover after.


are you sure you want to head to wichlow can be very hillie .
if you google Boards.ie go to cycling section you will get loads of help.
it will be busy getting out of the ferry terminal .
nah try boards.ie it's your best bet.
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