Looking a new bike for comuting/touring


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I have 2 bikes at the minute, a carrera subway 1 which gets used for commuting and has been used for 2 500+ mile tours, its my workhorse and not really cleaned or looked after as it should be.

I also have a bianchi via nirone with veloce groupset, i love being out on this bike.

Ive been looking at getting a new bike to replace the subway which would be quicker to work, give me the same feeling as the bianchi does.

So it needs to be light, able to fit a rack for light touring (b&bs and hostels), mudguards, wider tyres than 23mm would be handy for the winter.

Ive been looking at the following:

Boardman Hybrid Pro - £849 - Road bike frame, 28mm tyres, nice groupset for price, good disc breaks (poor weather use and easy to maintain)

Genesis Croix de Fer - £999 - Lovely looking bike, disc breaks (although mechanical, not hydraulical like the boardman) can fit 28mm tyres with guards, steel frame so good for touring (will it be heavy because of this?) Anybody know the weight of the CDF?

Verenti Kilmeston - £792 from wiggle at the minute with 12% discount - Again a nice looking bike but with rim breaks instead of disc, comes fitted with guards already and can take a rear rack, its pretty much a racing bike so i could use it as a good winter bike, SRAM rival bits (never used SRAM but i think this is quite a good groupset?) Uses verentis "Me3" finishing kit (not sure if this is of good quality)

So those are 3 that im looking at but im still open to suggestions, I always fancied the boardman as a good all rounder, im also liking the idea of disc breaks, the croix de fer looks nice but a grand seems expensive when compared to the kilmeston. The kilmeston looks like a nice bike, its a racing bike which can take a rack basically so it suits me but would it be okay for touring? Im also put off by the rim breaks and the fact i dont know much about the brand.

Will the prices of these bikes be likely to change? Im not sure if my company is on the cycle scheme as im starting a new job so i have to wait til im in the new company. As the 2011 bikes come out these may come down in price? The verenti is normally £900 but im saving £108 on gold price.

Thanks for any suggestions or opinions
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