Looking for a fixie for as cheap as possible!


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After my wildly successful “which road bike should I buy” thread I am now in the market for a fixie. Ideally one for city riding (going to the pub) and jumping round to mates etc. I’d rather spend under £300 but willing to push the budget a little if the product is right(ie it looks cool). I quite like the look of some of the hipster fixie/city bikes and also classic oldschool track bike minimal type thing. Furthermore I’m also not against buying parts individually, I hear you can get a nice bike for cheap doing this. But I am also lazy.

Aesthetically I like the look of this bad boy


However I can’t see many reviews online and I know that the whole hipster fixie market is full shysters trying to make a quick buck and a lot of the time the bikes fall apart after a while. So I am reluctant.

I also like stateside bicycle co however they only have one under £300 and despite being really nice they’re not really within my budget.

So anyone seen any good deals? Will consider new and used.
£300 sounds allot for a pub bike.

I have a single speed. Bought the donor 1990s MTB for £16, crank and BMX freewheel cost £14 on eBay. Had some 1.5” slick tyres in the loft. Total cost £30.
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