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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Aiden_23, 25 Jul 2012.

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    I recently bought a Boardman CX bike and have only done 50 miles on it. There is a loud creak coming from my crank arm when I push down on the left pedal. Should I be worried or should I just take it back to Hellfrauds for a fix. I have attached some pics it looks like a bit of the plastic seal has popped out(I think).

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  2. OP

    Aiden_23 Active Member

    Guess I will just return it to hellfrauds............if I make it that far!!!!!
  3. It's a BB30 bottom bracket. They are notorious for creaking. A lot of them get shipped with dry bearings too, (God knows why).

    Take it back and ensure they strip it, clean it and grease it. There is also an assembly paste hat can be used, if they do use this then some say you need to let the paste cure for 24-48 hours before riding, but I don't know this for sure.

    BB30 is a very finicky and sensitive system. It's more suited to pro's whose bikes are stripped and re-built after every race. It has no discernable benefits to the average Joe IMO.

    My best bike came with BB30, but I had so many issues with it that I've now converted it to Hollowtech II. It's now perfect and the bike it should have always been from day one.

    If you don't like your Halfords ten I'd take it to a proper LBS. Yes you'll have to pay, but it may be worth it for peace of mind if your Halfords doesn't have a quality bike mechanic.
  4. OP

    Aiden_23 Active Member

    Thanks mate it will be taking a wee trip to the LBS on Monday.
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