Lottery Prize Money.


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South Beds.
I do £6 a week....(3 lines weds and sat).
If I didn't do the Lotto that'd be a saving of £312 per year.
I think £312 sounds quite good.....imagine saying...'I won £312 by not doing the Lotto'


I see your point Pete,there are always going to be these sort of people.But i think realistically,most of us realise the massive odds,and do it for the possiblity of it.Im under no illusion that i probably wont win a big one,but i feel its worth the try,as i said before,you never know?Im not a gambler by any means,iv never put a bet on in a bookies,and wouldnt know how to,i get someone to put a two pound bet on the national once a year,and thats it.I suppose your right about the getting hooked bit,like i said,if i didnt put my one line on and it came up, i would be as sick as a chocolate fly in a heat wave,but its not the b all of life is it?So the way i see it,threee pounds a week for the very slim chance,because i do a line on wednesday too,and one on the local,which has more than covered what i pay out over the years,so no big deal to me.but yes i understand what your saying,i once saw a programme a few years ago ,and some of these people are spending hundreds a week thinking they are going to win it,very sad indeed.


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My Grandad has been doing it for ages, does it so much and I think in all the time he has won a few 10 pounds out of it.
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