loud sound system cars


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Bloody boy racer keeps on pulling up outside and blasting out indistinguishable bassy music through subs like those used to stress test airliners. The house shakes to the foundations.

This is quite worrying because it could vibrate off:

-an expensive vase off a mantlepiece
-a bubbling chemistry experiment full of explosive test tubes
-hot milk off the stove and all over the cat

Can you claim for this sort of thing under household insurance? Do you have to provide seismograph readings?


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no idea its a wonder there battery's don't die whenever they get to traffic lights.
i love the way kiddys spend thousands of pounds making there car completely unsellable.


I once saw a Citroen 2CV which had been lowered, had the windows blacked out and a massive sound system installed. Both I and every other bugger in the street wet ourselves laughing...even its driver was smiling and clearly knew he looked a bit of a dick.


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The guys upgrade the battery and have some other bits of trickery that helps supply the power steadily.......

Funny thing is, the blooming cars rattle to bits when you hear this bass..... the number of car's I've been behind on the bike that you can hear rattle....


Our Apprentice is a Saxo boy. He's spent gawd knows how much on putting git big speakers and the like into his pride and joy. The sound quality is atrocious, it's very loud but sounds awful.

It needs to be loud to drown out the sound of his stupid exhaust. His Uncle fitted his exhaust for him and told him - "If you drive down my street after 8pm I will kill you!" :eek:


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There was an old Punto i was behind that had a big speeker in the boot. The boot and side panels were all moving with the bass. All i could hear was the bass. The two kiddies in the front had the seat backrest lieing as far back as it could go, and they had dark tinted windows. Looked like complete to$$ers.
The size of the exhaust was stupidly big, and it sounded rubbish.


longers said:
It needs to be loud to drown out the sound of his stupid exhaust. His Uncle fitted his exhaust for him and told him - "If you drive down my street after 8pm I will kill you!" :eek:

How do they get away with those exhausts? Surely they break the legal noise limits? How do they pass the MOT?


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shoot the bastards


Rhythm Thief said:
When I had my Citroen 2CV I took the silencer off the exhaust and just ran it with a straight pipe. It sounded great. I never had the inclination for a really big sound system (although I sometimes like loud music while I'm driving) but I don't really have a problem with anyone else doing it.

Why would you want to do that? Setting aside the nuisance to others, isn't wanting to make a big "BROOM BROOM" sound a bit childish?
1. Contravention of section 148 of the Highway Code (148

Safe driving and riding needs concentration.

Avoid distractions when driving or riding such as

* loud music (this may mask other sounds))

2. Performing rights
It requires a license to play music in a public place such that it can be heard by others. In October this year KwikFit was sued because customers could hear the radio in the workshop!

3. Simply complain under the noise abatement rules!


andygates said:
Or just tolerate youthful exuberance, you sour old gits.

I fail to see why those in charge of a motor vehicle shouldn't be expected to show a bit of maturity and consideration for others.
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