Love my new bike


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Well, I can honestly say I love my new bike, that is all there is to say about it!!
We need a pic:thumbsup:


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Mine definitely only has one bottle mount tho :ohmy:
Nice bike! Probably only one set of mounts as you've got a small bike frame? You can buy various attachments that would allow another cage to be fitted - these look to be sturdy and neat.
You will need to measure the diameter of the frame tube. I use 'sidecages' - they allow you to pull out the bottle from the side - you might not be able to easily remove a bottle from a standard cage (esp. a 750ml one). Lezyne make good ones.


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Thanks, yep 47cm frame, so would explain it. I'm sure I will need a second bottle once I get my distance up, so thanks for the ideas. Also a two pack is not a bad idea, my 9yr old daughter would love this, and her bike doesn't have mounts. :smile:
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