Lovely ride tonight

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Leafy Cheshire
Went and did some hills for the first time and loved it! Have read a few posts on here saying no-one says hello anymore - almost everyone out there did tonight!

If you are the roadie who said hi to me at the roadworks on the way up to Disley, hope you enjoyed your ride!

I was quite slow but then I did have at least one knackered stop and a Banana stop in Poynton on the way home - think that was my longest ever ride tonight, and I only went out for a pootle! I just tried to have a "keep going even if mega slowly" rule and it seemed to work :smile: Can really see why people love it so much on nights like tonight :smile:


Had a really nice one myself tonight,late after I served dinner.Round the gower. Sunset over the Lougher esturary was magnificent, and the heady scent of wild garlic makes you glad to be alive. Never seen so many out on their bikes at that time of night.
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