Luciano Pavarotti has died.

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...and all morning, I can't get that pesky tune out of my head... not that I was his greatest fan, mind, not my style, but nonetheless a great man and a great entertainer, who will be missed all over the world.

Tacky enough?


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It would have been nice on breakfast tv to hear him sing something - ANYTHING different, but still a fabulous voice.
If I hear it one more time, I'll kick the radio, I swear...

could this be the time for a re-run of that hoary old favourite thread... 'how do you get that irritating tune out of your head?'

I've had 'there aint no bugs on me' running through my head whenever I go near the bike for about a week.


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One minute of children's tv in the AM is guaranteed to lodge several earworms in your bonce for days. Even the adverts get me.

Be who you wanna be, B. A. R. B. I. E. do do do do do do....


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Came to a school I worked at years ago and was great with the kids. Great singer and a nice guy to boot. RIP.

Andy in Sig

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Apparently he was know as Fat Lucy to his mates.

Big Bren

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Bono eulogised about him on R4 this afternoon, inducing an attack of nausea on my otherwise peacefl journey home.

Even so, he seemed like a nice chap and for those who like Opera, I gather he could belt out a decent tune.

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