lumens,,,,,(or was it minions)


Hi can anyone give me an idea of a strong enough light to use on the trails at night, ie is 550 lumens bright and would it be enough to see where you are going


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Real 550 would be fine. Chinese lumens are over stated.


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Yes real 550 lumens would be fine. I would suggest supplementing the main light with a helmet light as well if you are proper trail riding.
The measurement of lights is quoted in different units, and can be measured at different distances. Also a diffuse wide beam is a diffent animal altogether from a tight beam, ar a filtered beam such as those available in Germany

Even light with comparative values can be different on the road

The best way is to google some of the sites that do comparative images such as road CC

This allows you to put an "identical image" of two lights next to each other and compare their effectiveness

Torchythe battery Boy does something similar, but you do not get the side by side comparison
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