Eh? I'm not sure what that all means. Is it a celebration of bygone days? Or a query as to why cycling is not as popular as you think it should be? Or something else?


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I think that @paddypete is trying to look back at his early pre teen days perhaps ! By the mid seventies I had abandoned bicyclesin favour of those two wheeled beasties with engines lol, now when I was ten (mid sixties) if one owned a Raliegh and more so if it was new one then you where something lol I also remember the first thing I rode which was a Tringe red and yellow 3 wheeler util some prat stole it !!!!
A bike isn't a luxury if you've got a Brooks saddle.


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Not a luxury. A bike is an essential. I would have to either walk or catch the bus to my (non dog grooming) work otherwise. It might only be 3 miles but there is a world of difference between 15 minute commute on the bike or a walking 45 minute commute.


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a bike is a luxary
Technically yes but what is not a luxury above the absolute minimum necessary.

Plenty of stuff we take for granted is a luxury for huge swathes of the world. Little things like food every day and clean water that comes out of a tap.

What was the point you were making before editing?


My MTB with 2 inch semi slicks has been a luxury these last two weeks. It's been a magic carpet ride vs the road bike on 28mm slicks that I usually commute on.
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