M25 Man


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A chap named Martin Pirongs is walking a route that draws a large human figure inside the M25.
Martin Pirongs said:
Taking a line for a walk, nearly 200 miles long. A unique connection with a city. Harnessing the art of GPS technology and the age-old power of walking - by pavement, path, road and occasional field - Martin is aiming to configure the outline of his own body, with his own body on a giant scale.

You are invited to witness the live GPS trail as it is created, slowly revealing an image that will inhabit the M25 and become the size of London.
You can follow him live here: https://www.martinpirongs.com/m25-man-live-feed

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You've got to love a bit of GPS art, it's certainly an impressive amount of walking. I am sure its purely accidental that his crotch is located over the Streathem McDonalds ...


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Hmmmm.... is that rude? It looks like a dog holding up a corner shop with a super-soaker.
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