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I know I've bigged them up before......

Before Christmas my rear light started to behave funnily. either dim or non existent. If the connector was pushed home fully it wouldn't work, if it had minimal contact it would work. I tried my light head on a colleagues battery and it worked....

I left them a message on Christmas eve.

Yesterday I rang them, said my name "sounds familiar.... i'm just going through my list of jobs that you're on"

She then said that it's normally the battery end that gives out, if any. She checked on her system when I bought it, I was 1 year 2 months out of warranty! She then told me that all the discount codes had run out, but she'd give me free postage (£6) for a new battery (£39.99)

It arrived this morning. As well as the battery I'd been sent this FOC-

Much better than my existing Hope Vision 1!

Fantastic customer service!:wahhey:
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