Manchester 100

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I'm going to turn up & enter on the day unless it's really peeing down....I'm sick of riding in the rain this year & 100+ miles in bad weather doesn't appeal.

nom de plum

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wilmslow ches.
I did 5:19 which I'm pleased with considering my brother bottled out an went round the 100 k course. Most of the rest of the ride was solo or very short lived group riding. It started drizzling just after I finished. The numbers seemed to be down a lot this year. I live on the route and there were still plenty of riders out at 5.00 pm

I did see an accident in Wilmslow at 12:50 pm...I wonder if anyone has any news about this

on the road

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I did it in 5:36:45

A new PB for me.


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Hi Steve,yes did it in 5.36....slowest time ever.Age is telling on me I think.Started quite late,one of the guys I was doing it with got lost getting to the start,so ended up in the rain for the last 2 hours or so.Numbers did seem down on previous years,and the pace seemed very slow..couldn't find any groups riding at a reasonable speed to ride with.
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