Manchester to the Arctic Circle: Charity cycle for Christies

Discussion in 'Charity Rides and Cycling Events' started by sunjihai17, 18 Apr 2010.

  1. sunjihai17

    sunjihai17 New Member

    Hi guys.

    I am planning to cycle from Manchester to Tromso in the Norwegian Arctic Circle in June 2010, in a bid to raise money for the Christies NHS Trust. It is a trip of around 2,500 miles. The route will take us via Dover/Calais, Copenhagen, Malmo and then onwards and upwards into the Arctic Circle! Christies are opening a new Patient Treatment Centre in Manchester and need £13million worth of donations to do so. I am attempting to raise £2,000 towards this cause.

    If you would like to donate any money towards the building of the new Patient Treatment Centre then you can do here:

    If you would like to answer any questions regarding the cycle then you can email me at or on this thread. We have a blog at and there are other pieces of information on here such as a route map, pictures and information on Christies.

    Thanks for reading. Any donation, however small or great will be hugely appreciated.

    Richard Wilson
  2. Millhouse

    Millhouse New Member

    Hey I'm planning a ride at the moment to copenhagen, I were tempted to steal your route but seen as your going virtually when I plan to, would you mind if i tagged along?
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