Manchester Velodrome.


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Who fancies another session on the track?
Names please.
It's £206/hour midweek and 2 hours makes it worthwhile. Maximum of 16 riders. Weekend bookings are £266/hourand would add £7.50pp to the bill.
So it will be just over £33 each if we have a full house. Shoes if needed are an extra £5.60.

There are some 2 hour slots early December both midweek and weekends but they wont be available for long l think.

So speak up asap

A screen capture of dates available in November and December. Bare in mind I got this yesterday and if we are to bag a suitable slot we will need to do it fast and even if we do it might well have gone by the time I get back to them.

velodrome. novemberJPG.JPG


For me a late night slot 8pm to 10pm wouldn't be a problem but it could be for others. Not a lot of choice tbh.

I can see what available in January as well if you like. If it's available yet that is.

So far:
Colly + 1
@I like Skol

@Kestevan + IG88
@Steve H +Dave Brown
@Pumpkin the robot
@DiddlyDodds +1

Up to 14 now but still not heard back from the velodrome yet.:cursing:

Edited to correct the prices and costs.

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How much does it cost to Oldham?
Nice one Col!

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Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
I would be up for a weekend slot.
I had been making enquires about another group session and was waiting to hear back from the velodrome after clarifying with them a couple of points.
I could also mention it to my son in law and a work colleague who missed last year's session through a holiday.


Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
There's also a group session being organised at Derby, but for accredited riders only.

Pettitts (City of Stoke) organise 4 hour sessions (beginner / intermediate / advanced) on a regular basis. The first of their three autumn ones is this Saturday, then one on 16th November and in December if we can't get a CycleChat session. I've got details I can send via PM if needed.


Norven Mankey

Weekend best for me


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So it looks like, all being well, we can guarantee 7 or 8 depending on the final dates. But looking at the times I think getting a session that suits everyone before the New Year will be tricky, what with Christmas etc.
SO... I have just received the lists for January and February which I've posted below. For me an early January session would be best say Sat 11th or Sun 12th.
We should all have time to plan and make arrangements.

As before the slots will fill up fast so speak up as soon as you like .......

velo jan.JPG

velo feb.JPG
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Last of the Summer Winos
11th should be OK for me.
I'll check with my mates and let you know numbers ASAP.

Edit - +2 others (@Steve H and Dave who joined us last time)... may be one or two more yet to come.
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