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Mrs Cisamcgu loves Vegemite, so I occasionally make her some Vegemite on toast for breakfast. The trouble is I retch and gag at the smell as soon as I open the jar :blush:

It is the foulest thing that anyone has ever called a food !!!!



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Home Counties

Lovely stuff.
Got the shirt too.


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Burton on Trent. Now there's a fantastic place - enter on one side and the air smells of the Bass brewery :rolleyes:, leave the other side and the air smells of the Marmite factory :blush:.

I have the Marmite jersey, though I'm sure it annoys a lot of drivers reading 'Hate Jams' on the back of a cyclist passing them during rush hour traffic.

Sore Thumb

I used to work in burton on trent and had to drive past the marmite factory. I can tell you that it smelt. :blush:

So can I say that I don't like it because of that, as ive never tried it.

But keeping it a cycling topic did you know that foska does a very nice marmite jersey.


Arch said:
...I go through phases of wanting it (probably my body's way of telling me I'm low on B vitamins!)
Ah, but how does your body "know" that there are B vitamins in Marmite? And why doesn't it crave potatoes/bananas/lentils/chilli peppers/liver/tuna instead?

This question has always fascinated me. I'm not convinced that there is an unconscious association between satisfaction of a nutritional need and the taste of a corresponding food. Take cravings by pregnant women for bizarre "foods" - what is the nutritional value of coal? And how would the body know anyway?

Arch said:
...and the Colemans Mustard...
...goes very well with a Kingcycle (in addition to which, I come from Norwich!) :blush:

Mr Phoebus

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On toasted Burgen bread. :blush:

I used to get the Vegemite because it has a far higher ratio of B-vitamins per serving than Marmite.


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Being a relatively new member to CC i've had a look through some old if not original threads and found this thread.
I can say I certainly love the stuff and have done since being a child.


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I love it! I've tried most of the recipes given above (although the butter on the crumpet is a bit excessive, and I've never added the tobasco sauce, yet!).

When I first met my wife and she got her own flat (1994) she didn't like Marmite but got some in for me. One day I asked for some Marmite sandwiches and they came out of the kitchen looking more akin to a chocolate spread sandwich - it was heaped in, half a large jar gone. It was almost enough to put me off for life, or a week or two at least.
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