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Marmite for men.
Bovril for ladyboys.

Beef sanies with Marmite, "Nom, nom, nom."
I love it. I hadn't had any since I was a boy. When No1 Son was due we got a free pack of goodies (from Boots?) which had a small jar of Marmite in. I scoffed it and have been buying it ever since. No1 Son is 24 now.


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My other half and the kids are all marmite-dodgers, but they know I use it as a 'secret' ingredient (i.e. once I kept it a secret, but they found out) in certain recipes, and don't seem to mind.


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Marmite: the equivalent of mayonnaise on chips to certain CCers.


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I like Marmite, but my favourite savoury spread type thing on toast is Bovril. Yes I know you are supposed to add hot water and drink it, but it is delicious with butter on toast. Yes I'm reet weird me.:wacko:
Burton on Trent. Now there's a fantastic place - enter on one side and the air smells of the Bass brewery :rolleyes:, leave the other side and the air smells of the Marmite factory :blush:.

I have the Marmite jersey, though I'm sure it annoys a lot of drivers reading 'Hate Jams' on the back of a cyclist passing them during rush hour traffic.
And if the wind is blowing in the right direction Coffee from Nestles at Hatton
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