Mate got hit by car, mrs not keen on me cycling anymore...

And people ask why motorcyclists need helmets if cyclists don't!!!
I did, the motorbike ran wide because he had a handful of throttle. If the motorbiker had been travelling at the same speed as the bike he could have stayed on the correct side of the road. The motorbiker needed that nice rigid shelled wrap around motorbike helmet for the hedge header. I mean the cyclist foam lid wouln't offer much protection going into spiky branches and the sticky out flange on a cycle helmet could mean you couldn't then get back out either.


But talking of the absurd, and risk profiles, time trialling on a 70 mph dual carriageway.
I've ridden many a time trial on dual carriage way roads. But to mitigate risk, most Sunday morning time trials start at 6am, sometimes earlier and roads are very quiet. The absurd ones are when they use the same courses for Saturday afternoon events.
Duals are pretty safe for the most part (and stats support this). A 50mph single C-way A-road can be much worse.

Don't forget that traffic counts and RAs are done for Time-Trials; usually the critics have a lot less facts about a road than those actually running the race.


Very sorry to hear! It’s so rare and I used to be like that - thinking cycling in London for example was just asking to be killed, but the more I lived here the more comfortable I became
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