Me Vs Cantilever Brakes Round...

Hugh Manatee


This is it! The decider to The Rumble in the Back Garden. The sun is out and the brakes and I are circling each other looking for the opening that will herald the knockout blow.

I have a plan. I have found the original 1990 cable thing that Shimano did to replace the traditional straddle wire. It is the original 2mm extra beefy one.

If I measure the amount of cable this provides and make sure the same length is set on the other side, it has to work, right? All I need do then is set the hateful pads to the rim? A photo:



Flouncing Nobber
It helps if you have a 3rd hand tool. Makes cantis a doddiddlyoddle.


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The Red Enclave
I used to struggle with cantis but they're actually quite easy once you get to grips with them. I would recommend the park tool guide. And agree with @Drago about using a cable puller - absolutely invaluable tool for working on brakes and gears.


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I think the front brake straddle looks slightly too slack as just over the 90 degree angle.....back one looking good.
Proof is in the pudding they work?

One thing to consider with Cantilever front brakes is should the brake cable snap the straddle wire is released and can catch the front tyre, which could throw the rider off. For that reason if no other, it is worth a front mudguard.
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