1. gmw492

    Disc Brakes or Rim

    I am looking at getting a disc brake winter bike, reason being I’ve read they are better for the wet weather than rim, Tiagra groupset says mechanical and 105 which says hydraulic, question is will the mechanical be the same braking as a rim brake with it not being hydraulic or do they perform...
  2. Randombiker9

    Question about brakes?

    So basically I used to ride my mtb but switched half a year ago the road bike. However I realised on the road bike one of the brake levers nearly reach the handlebars. (Back with my mtb when this happened the barrel adjuster fixed it which also had disc brakes) However the road bike has...
  3. Slioch

    Are Sora shifters compatible with cantilever brakes?

    I'm playing around in my head with making some changes to my touring bike, and would appreciate tapping into the profound wisdom of the peeps on here. My current setup is a triple chainring up front with 9 speed on the back, bar-end shifters and cantilever brakes. I'm thinking of getting Sora...
  4. P

    SLX brakes

    I have a pair of SLX brakes on my MTB, the pads aren't worn and I just have replaced the discs. The brakes have no bite, very poor performance. I did everything I need to to bed them in, I've just had the pads out, cleaned them and roughed them up against the concrete wall!! Anyone any...
  5. silva

    Mechanical brakes for wide tyres

    Case 62 mm tyres, so bigger distances to surround with V brakes, any solutions avail for this?
  6. C

    Tektro brakes married to Shimano hose?

    I´m in the process of fitting a Giant Conduct hydraulic brake kit to a cargo bike and need at least 2 metres of hose. BH90 hose in that length is cheap and readily available, whereas long Tektro hose is neither. Does anybody on here have experience of attaching the 5 mm Shimano hose to...
  7. Stef 1

    Adapter to fit flat mount calliper on IS mount frame?

    Hi - hope you can help, I recently purchased a Shimano 105 7020 groupset in the sales. Kicking myself now, as I should've done my homework first as my 5 year old steel frame has IS (international standard) mounts for disk callipers, whereas the callipers in the 105 groupset I purchased are...
  8. R

    Pinnacle Arkose - Small size - hydraulic brakes

    For sale is my trusted commuter. Very reliable but I have upgraded so need to move it on. I bought it on here about 2 years ago and have used it every week (except for when it was snow and ice). In total I think it is about 5 years old. I think it was all standard when I bought it but I have...
  9. Kevoffthetee

    160mm rotors on mechanical disc brakes

    couple of questions in one if i may... my 160mm shimano rotors have resin only marked on them, but most pads say kevlar, sintered or organic. am I just being stupid in thinking non of them are compatible with my rotor. which other brands have multi pad use? I was watching some Avid BB5 rotors...
  10. Denis99

    Centaur front mech, Sunrace 11-46 cassette,XTR V brakes, Lezyne Micro gps

    For sale, all include postage in the asking price. Campagnolo Centaur silver 11 speed braze on front mech. There is a scuff mark on the actuating lever, shown in the images. £15 posted. >>>> Shimano XTR M950 V brakes, new brake blocks . £75 >>>>> Lezeyne Micro GPS computer. Boxed...
  11. G

    Squeeking disk brakes

    I have recently acquired a wonderful squeeking/screeching sound from the brakes when applied fully and wondered if anyone had any tips on what I can do before taking it to the local bike shop. I have tried wipe down the discs and giving the bike and wheels a thorough clean that reduces the noise...
  12. Grievesy

    disc brakes squeak

    had my bike a few months new, changed the tyres on it to some Gatorskins, when I put the wheels back on, all was fine, but I've noticed that when I pull the brake lever hard the brake squeals as if I'm torturing the disc. I'm guessing this just isn't aligned correctly? tried taking the wheel off...
  13. winjim

    Campagnolo Athena Skeleton Brakes

    Single pivot rear, dual pivot front. Good condition although the pad holders are Lifeline branded replacements, not original. Pads as new. £40 posted.
  14. A

    Upgrading brakes on a Giant tcr road bike

    I have just bought a 2008/9 Giant tcr c3 road bike - yesterday actually. It originally came with Shimano 105 brakes, I think, but now has Concept Cex calipers fitted, front and rear (from a Focus bike I assume). I am new to bikes and I am finding lots of travel on the brake lever. I guess the...
  15. oldgreyandslow

    internal cable bars and hydraulic brakes?

    Is it possible to use bars with internal cable routing and hydraulic brakes? I have a new set of bars with internal routed cables and fancy using them on a bike which currently has external routing, just wondered if anyone has swapped to internal routing and if there are any pitfalls to look...
  16. Tom B

    Recommend me some brake pads for Avid Single Digit 3 Brakes

    I've not bought pads or blocks for cantilever brakes for many a year as I use disks. However the missus needs some replacement blocks for her trek. The bike carries some weight so decent pads are required and the cheapos arnt cutting the custard. What do you recommend?
  17. R

    Giant bike brakes

    Hi. I’ve got a giant propel with some dubious brakes. They are not calliper in fact I don’t know what they are called The problem is the brake cable is very close to the tyre very very close Last week I saw a man on a propel. A newer model and his brake cable has plenty of clearance. Can anybody...
  18. S

    Bleeding disc brakes

    Has anyone had experience of bleeding bicycle disc brakes. Im just wondering what places sell small syringes and also the small flexible plastic pipe that connects fom the syringe to the caliper bleed nipple. Finding these to items is proving somewhat difficult!
  19. ericmark

    Cable disc brakes failure and adjustment.

    The bike from Halfords was cheap £175, however it did what I wanted, to get out with camera so exercise and ability to stop anywhere to take pictures. However first time brakes had a problem, really caught me out, they had been so good, then came to anchor on and only slowed me down gently no...
  20. ozboz

    GB brakes , levers and 27 x1-1/4 wheels +...

    I'm going to start on my Hill-Special frame It is a 1950 frame so going to try and get it back to something like it's original spec , Though not all will be things of the day , I will add them for aesthetic purpose , Derailleurs etc I hope to keep as per 50's look also handle bars , So any one...
  21. grellboy

    TRP 925 825 incompatibility. TT brakes.

    A little niche I'm sure but anyway fingers crossed for an expert. I'm currently getting a TT bike fitted together by my LBS. The frame itself is an Argon 18 and about 10 years old (but new!). Anyway, originally the frame would have been fitted with trp 825 aero brakes but as far as I can see...
  22. B


    which brakes are more reliable in wet and dry and to be able to sort out if touring mechanical or hydraulic discs in the past ive used centre pull sidepull cantis and v brakes
  23. jeffoi

    Oddities of drum brakes?

    This morning my front left drum brake kept sticking on and would only release after my wheel had turned a couple of times (not fully on, but on enough to make me slow setting off). Is this an oddity of drum brakes I've just never noticed before, or do they need a service? Or, given it was...
  24. B

    Rod Brakes and Kevlar Tyres

    Saw this mixture of old and new in Altrincham this week: Rod Brakes, but the latest in Kevlar tyres!
  25. woodbutcher

    What do we want from our bicycles ?

    The subheading could be "And do l want more" ? At the moment l have 8 bikes 7 of which are rideable and one is in the process of being built ! Of course it is a treat to be surrounded by what to my eyes are beautiful machines but in reality l ride only three of them. One l built as a winter...
  26. gazza81

    Brake upgrade

    So i bought a pinnacle lithium 2 a few weeks ago, ive adjusted the brakes and bought new pads but the brakes just dont seem that good. Is there a decent upgrade thats fairly cheap and easy does anyone know? I'll only do it if its going to make a good bit of differance. Currently it has tektro...
  27. U

    Bigger Brakes

  28. RegG

    Pair of Tektro R540 road bike calliper brakes in dark silver....

    I have a pair of Tektro R540 brake callipers (front and rear) which have been taken off a Hoy road bike. They are in good condition with just a little surface corrosion as can be seen in the photos. They are finished in a dark silver/grey colour. I have put them on eBay at £25 but am open to...
  29. woodbutcher

    Weinmann 605 brakes

    Both brakes are complete and in good working order. Not much more to say really but p.m. me for more photos or info. if you are interested. They are on Ebay but for CC's l am asking £20 inc postage to UK
  30. B

    Converting from hydraulic to cable-actuated disc brakes after losing bars

    Hi there, I've recently had my bars stolen on a vitus energie 2018 model and after looking at replacing the apex hydraulic shifters.. its not something I can afford right now, and so I am considering changing to a mechanical system for the sake of both my wallet and the simplicity of it (also...
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