1. cyberknight

    campag veloce rim brakes

    campag veloce rim brakes , £5 postage
  2. cyberknight

    campag rim brakes

    Veloce rim brakes good condition £15 posted
  3. Arjimlad

    SOLD TRP Spyre Post Mount mechanical disc brakes, SOLD

    sold Suit 160mm disc rotors. In good used (but still shiny & clean) condition, the pad adjusters move smoothly (I've seen them seized before, but not these ones). With part-worn brake pads. Dual sided actuation. TRP Spyre Mechanical Disc Brake Post Mount Caliper x 2 Even pad wear. Easy...
  4. Titanium

    Women's Trek FX 1 - size Small Hybrid. Disc brakes.

    Trek FX 1 hybrid bicycle. The brakes and gears work well. Gears are Shimano 21 speed. The wheels are Bontrager. Size is Small, suitable for cyclist between 5'0" and 5'6". A few scratches here and there, but overall condition is decent. Thanks for looking. Location is near Cardiff. Price - £225...
  5. Titanium

    Sold now, thank you.

  6. bikingdad90

    Tektro Novelo post mount disc brakes

    Tektro novelo post mount disc brakes. Getting on in age but still working, came off a Cannondale trail 7 from 2014. £20 posted?
  7. Vantage

    Avid BB7 Road disc brakes SOLD

    160mm rotors and calipers. One set of new pads and another partially worn but still good. £25
  8. bikingdad90

    Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes post mount

    A pair of hydraulic brakes bought recently for a project which is not happening now. I paid £15 plus £4 postage and happy to pass on at this price, this was them...
  9. R

    Tektro vintage caliper brakes

    Front and rear all parts reclaimed from scrapped bike, bought as seen untested £10 plus £3.40 postage.
  10. T

    Shimano Ultegra R8020 2x11speed, hydraulic disc brakes, complete groupset for sale

    Swapping to SRAM means I have the above for sale. I haven’t really thought about price, postage. If anyone is interested please PM me.
  11. Velochris

    700c Road Wheels. Jalco MRS24 wheels. Rim brakes. Unused. £60.00

    *****Collection only. Blackburn, Lancashire****** 700c Road Wheels. Jalco MRS24 wheels. Rim brakes. Removed from a new Genesis Equilibrium (which had an 11 speed Shimano cassette fitted so takes 11 speed). Fitted to the bike but never ridden. Unbranded hubs and double butted spokes, 32 per...
  12. Velochris


    Unbranded but removed from a new Genesis Equilibrium. Their specs state the brakes are Promax RC-477. £20 posted within the UK.
  13. Velochris


    £360 posted within UK. For rim brakes (but no brakes included). ****Not for hydraulic brakes*** Chainset 50/34 172.5mm. English thread bottom bracket. Band on front mech. Was fitted to 28.6mm down tube but has a reducer so cam go larger. Medium cage rear mech. 11-34 cassette. KMC chain. Old...
  14. GeekDadZoid

    V brakes

    I installed mini V brakes on my Holdsworth build so I could use standard road levers, but I think I would like to install full size v brakes on it and swap to some Tektro RL520. Spa have a good price on the levers, but wondering if anyone has a marine front and rear set of decent v brakes. Not...
  15. Crevice

    Question About Children's Bike Brakes

    I have an 8 year old grand nephew that I am pretty close to. I only get to see him briefly once or twice a month though. I did not buy his first bike but I picked it out. A Mongoose Boys' Motivator 20 in Bike. I also taught him how to ride a bike. I feel kind of bad though, I didn't expect that...
  16. Dale 1956

    New crank set and bleeding block for SLX 7120 brakes on order

    It takes the saint M820 so I order two of them they are cheap.For the crank set I went with a 48,36,26 T My 40,30,22 was nice but I got tired of spinning out going up hills.Back in 2009 my LHT came with this crank setup I think.the 48t will let me go down hill a lot faster and I should not spin...
  17. Dale 1956

    Shimano Bleeding block

    ? does the bleeding block not come with new hydraulic brakes I have my new SLX 4 piston hydraulic brakes but it did not come with the bleeding block.Guess I'll have to order this too before I can finish my brake install.
  18. FrothNinja

    When were cable operated brakes first used on mass produced bicycles?

    Hope this is the right forum for the question. When were cable operated brakes first used on mass produced bicycles? I've seen them on adverts for sportier mid 1930s models.
  19. P

    SLX brakes

    My SLX brakes were squealing and down on power, I replaced the rotor and pads. They were great for 3 outings, quiet and powerful braking. Unfortunately this evening they are back to squealing and spongy. Could the pistons be leaking brake fluid? Exasperated here, cleaned the pads and rotor with...
  20. L

    Durace rim brakes

    Hi all I recently had a brake issue on a long decent I looked at brakes myself and it appears the brakes have came loose via the single "spindel" secured through the forks I seen shimano docs for similar 9000 series but mine are 7850 ( I think ) series ...but on that I re tightened to a...
  21. D

    Flat mount brakes onto 74mm post front fork

    Hi folks Hoping to pick the community brains here! I've just picked up a Giant Escape 2 with Tektro 280 discs on it. The front fork is aluminium which I find a bit sharp on my arthritic wrists and I want to go to a carbon fork (which I've done on other bikes to great effect I've already got a...
  22. B

    Disk brakes verses rims

    My ebike has hydraulic rim brakes and have been trouble free .My first bike had disk on the front and rim on the back I was always having to adjust the disk brake ,my friends all have disk brakes on there's and always trying to adjust there's ,reading up on ebikes disk brakes seem to be popular...
  23. R

    Canti Brakes Squealing - suggestions please?

    The tandem has cantis fitted. Historically, there's been no problem with these noise-wise, and performance-wise they're pretty good too, albeit a PITA to set up. But recently they've started squealing, both front and back, and yesterday this reached epic, trumpet on the top register effect. I...
  24. S

    "bleedin brakes"

    Hi all, I have a Raleigh with Shimano hydraulic brakes, (never had them before). The front brake is fine, but the rear brake seems to lose "power". i got myself a hydraulic bleed kit and after watching various youtube vids I preceded to "syringe" from the caliper end back up to the handlebar...
  25. GeekDadZoid

    New brakes compatible with my Sora ST-3300

    Evening All The tektro callipers on my Dawes Giro 300 are coming to the end of life, I have serviced them but they just take far more setting up than is reasonable and I am thinking a new set of calliper might be a nice performance upgrade as well as offering easier setup. Not wanting to spend...
  26. G


    Hi there. I'm going to change the tyres on my bike. How do I loosen and separate the brake blocks from the wheel so I can get the wheel out. There is usually a lever but not on this bike
  27. G

    Disc Brakes

    Hi there A few weeks ago I was out cycling in the rain and I think some grit got into my front disc brakes because there was like a metallic sound. The disc brakes were perfectly fine before then. However, now the front wheel does not spin as freely as it should (when I spin it by hand). Any...
  28. gasinayr

    hydrolic disk brakes

    havn't used my trek mountain bike for a while got it out yesterday and found that the rear brake was locked on and the level was solid. Had to open bleed nipple on lever to release some fluid for it to release. Seems like the fluid had expanded while sitting
  29. Cycleops

    Now power brakes for cyclists

    A new patent applied for by Shimano offers electronic assisted braking.
  30. swee'pea99

    Anyone know about hub brakes?

    My daughter's pub bike has started emitting plaintive mewing squeaks from the front wheel hub, and turning the bike upside down and revolving the wheel has narrowed it down (I think) to the hub brake, which seems to be binding slightly (you can feel the friction). I know absolutely nothing about...
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