1. G

    Disc Brakes

    Hi there A few weeks ago I was out cycling in the rain and I think some grit got into my front disc brakes because there was like a metallic sound. The disc brakes were perfectly fine before then. However, now the front wheel does not spin as freely as it should (when I spin it by hand). Any...
  2. gasinayr

    hydrolic disk brakes

    havn't used my trek mountain bike for a while got it out yesterday and found that the rear brake was locked on and the level was solid. Had to open bleed nipple on lever to release some fluid for it to release. Seems like the fluid had expanded while sitting
  3. Cycleops

    Now power brakes for cyclists

    A new patent applied for by Shimano offers electronic assisted braking.
  4. swee'pea99

    Anyone know about hub brakes?

    My daughter's pub bike has started emitting plaintive mewing squeaks from the front wheel hub, and turning the bike upside down and revolving the wheel has narrowed it down (I think) to the hub brake, which seems to be binding slightly (you can feel the friction). I know absolutely nothing about...
  5. gbs

    Hydraulic Brake Failure

    What are the warning signs of a failing hydraulic system? Do these brakes fail catastrophically or gradually over time?
  6. kingrollo

    Bleeding Ultegra Brakes

    Thinking of bleeding my ultegra di2 brakes - not something I have done before. seen the various bleed kits - with different prices - can anyone recommend a particular kit ? - any other tips tools required etc would be appreciated
  7. M

    Can I convert wheel to Disc brakes

    Hi guys I bought a Carrera Vendetta back in January, which I didn't realise at the time had extra wide tyres. Which I'm not keen on and seems to take a bit more effort that my previous bike with thinner standard Tyres, in hindsight I should of rejected the bike when I collected and picked...
  8. D

    Brakes and gears

    Hi I’ve got a set of xt m8100 brakes and a set of altus 9 speed shifter I’ve been trying to look but not sure if I’m looking rite but I’m wondering if theys adapter so I can combine to one or do I have to buy a new shifter thanks
  9. Wolf616

    Budget wheelset (quick release, disc brakes, 6 bolt)

    Looking to upgrade my RC520 wheels as the difficulty changing tyres is doing my head in. Can anyone recommend a good wheelset for under £150 that is QR and compatible with both disc brakes and 6 bolt? I've tried looking online but it's real hard to work out the finer technical details like...
  10. Ridgeway

    A return to rim brakes and surprised how poor they are

    Not ridden on rim brakes for around 5yrs or so, since then all my bikes have been disc, 1 cable and 2 hydraulic. Certainly have had some disc brake challenges and overall they can at times be a pain but overall i've been happy with then on my road and CX bikes. However i've just rebuilt an...
  11. T

    Bedding in new disc brakes

    Its been asked before, found differing ideas on the web so thought would ask to see if there is an agreed method that works best :okay:
  12. M

    Crossfire hybrid 2.0 Rear disc brakes Jammed

    Hi Newbie here looking for some advice I have a carera hybrid 2.0 and whilst on road the rear brake got jammed all of a sudden.They are so jammed that i cannot even press the brake level Upon checking the rear calipers i am able to move it manually however i cannot press the lever .I have tried...
  13. TimWinters

    Can Cyclo Mineral Oil Brake Fluid be used ith Tektro Auriga brakes?

    I need to fit new hoses onto my bike, so I will need to replace the brake fluid. I have looked at several options and think that Tektro's mineral oil is quite expensive for something that is essentially just like baby oil (I'm aware of that debate) I came across the Cyclo branded oil which is...
  14. Twilkes

    Upgrade to Promax RC476 disc brakes

    I have Promax RC476 brakes on a Cannondale Optimo, and they've never been particularly impressive, especially the back which I could never adjust so it could produce skid-inducing braking, just a general slow-down. The static pad adjuster on one of them has seized and the Allen nut rounded out...
  15. B

    Sticking Hydraulic Brakes

    Hi, I have a 9 year old Specialized Crosstrail Sport that has a front brake that seems to be rubbing the disc. Is it easy to dismantle and check, replace pads? The bike has not been well maintained and I suspect this is the problem. I have already replaced the derailleurs, cassette, bottom...
  16. Twilkes

    Do cartridge V brakes squeal more than the all-in-one blocks?

    I put a new wheel in recently (Halo White Line Classic) and the squeal from the brakes is horrendous. Trying to stop coming down a ~10% hill put the bike into a full on hell-banshee shriek with the front of the frame shaking! I've tried adjusting the angle of the pads but no joy, and it's not...
  17. Chrismawa

    Grimeca Disc Brakes

    I've got an old Trek MTB that I'm wondering if its worth saving or breaking for parts. It's got a set of mechanical Grimeca disc brakes on. Can't find much info on these and the only matching item on eBay has the words "rare" written on it. Are these possibly worth anything?
  18. Richard A Thackeray

    'Spongy' Brakes

    The front brake on my CGR feels odd It's almost as if there's air in it However, it's not been touched as a system For the record, it's on RS505 'brifters' RS785 Calipers Metal 'sintered' (Shimano) pads Initially I thought 1. it was mud, as I cut through the woods/along the river (Calder)...
  19. B

    Delta Brakes

    Anybody out there has any set up procedures for the Campagnolo Delta Brakes?
  20. GuyBoden

    History of the Bowden Cable or commonly known as a brake cable.

    "The Bowden mechanism was invented by Ernest Mornington Bowden (1860 - 1904) of 35 Bedford Place, London, W.C. The first patent was granted in 1896. (English Patent 25,325 and U.S. Pat. No. 609,570) although its origin has been the subject of myth and dispute. The invention of the Bowden cable...
  21. T

    Cube Attain Race, Tiagra Group, Hydraulic Brakes, 56cm

    Selling this lovely Cube Attain Race. It is 56cm a beautiful grey colour with vibrant contrasting orange, it is very nice the pictures really don't do it justice. There's a few minor marks on the paintwork but nothing noteworthy. The groupset is complete Shimano Tiagra 20 speed including...
  22. DCBassman

    Tools...Madison Revell Mixte, and brakes.

    I'm going to need to service the headset and BB on this machine, so what tools am I likely to need? It's a British-built bike, so probably nothing exotic or untoward in threading, sizes, etc - at least so I suppose! Your collective wisdom much appreciated, as these are two jobs I've not done...
  23. Alex H

    Circlips for Disk Brakes

    Looking at replacing the pads on our Pino. The bolt holding the pads in place has a circlip on the end that looks like these. As they are small enough to lose quit easily, I thought I might get a few spares. Anyone any idea where I might get them and is there a 'proper' name for them?
  24. T

    **SOLD** Boardman Team Carbon Limited Edition - Ultegra Gears and brakes 53cm

    Selling this 53cm Boardman Team Carbon Limited Edition which has been upgraded with Shimano Ultegra 10 speed gears and brakes. All in working order and wanting for nothing, tyres are almost new. Has a few age related marks but nothing serious, still looks a stunner. Very light, fast and capable...
  25. G

    V brakes keep losing their tension

    Do I need new V brakes or something? I'll set the screws so the pads are equidistant and play the brake lever a dozen or so times, then I find that a few minutes later there's some resistance and rubbing and the screws need setting again. Same thing keeps happening over and over. I really hate V...
  26. lejogger

    Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake Advice

    Afternoon all, The missus has purchased a Boardman ADV 8.6W which came equipped with Tektro MD-C511 flat mount disc brakes. The calipers seem okay - fairly simple to adjust, but we're really struggling with stopping power. I'm not a mechanical disc brake novice, for example I have BB7s on the...
  27. Dwn

    Adjusting TRP HY/RD disc brakes

    Does anyone know how to adjust these particular brakes? I've changed wheels, which meant changing the rotors and the result is that the pads are rubbing against the rotors. Fwiw I've centred the brakes. I can head for the bike shop (Decathlon) who sold them, but the mechanics never seem to be...
  28. Donger

    TRP Spyre cable disc brakes ...... Part missing?

    I have just ordered and received two sets of Swissstop brake pads for my TRP Spyre cable operated disc brakes, but looking at videos and pictures online, a small part appears to be absent from the brakes currently on my bike. In the picture below, you can see what the pad retaining pin is...
  29. M

    Installing a brake on vintage bike: What is this called and how can I get one?

    hi there, I'm trying to install a weinmann rear brake to my vintage bike to match the front brake. I have all the parts except for this black nipple bit that attaches to the lever and seems to hold the cable housing still so that the lever can pull only the brake cable inside but i have no idea...
  30. T

    *SOLD* Jamis Ventura Race 2018, Disc Brakes, Tiagra 20 speed, 56cm

    I'm selling this very nice Jamis Ventura Race. 56cm It's a great all rounder, quick and fairly light but has 28c tyres which provide a nice comfortable ride. Has a decent spec including full carbon forks, TRP Spyre disc brakes, Tiagra 20 speed gears, Rtcher bars and stem, carbon seat post...
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