1. S

    Ultegra 6700 10 speed STI levers and brakes wanted

    Hi as above I have F and rear mech and chainset just need mainly the levers to make up the groupset for my new build.
  2. Slick

    Bleeding Hydraulic Brakes?

    I've bleed my shimano 105 brakes as per the usual suspects videos on YouTube, I even repeated the process to ensure there was no stubborn air pockets, I then made the mistake of reading the instructions that came with the kit and I started following them before totally confusing myself so I...
  3. MontyVeda

    How effective/safe are rod brakes?

    There's an old bike in the cellar which i'd love to resurrect; single speed, sit-up-and-beg bars, step-through frame, no front wheel and rod brakes... make unknown (only because it's behind a lot of junk). Probably quite a lot of work involved as it looks like it's been repainted with Hammerite...
  4. S

    Bleeding avid elixir 1 brakes

    Preface: I have no experience of hydraulic brakes. Bought a 2nd hand MTB a few years ago and have used it on and off. The back brake has never really worked very well. Pulls to the bar and limited stopping power. Got a bleed kit and have just carried out the procedure using an SRAM guide on...
  5. Cletus Van Damme

    Are Clarks Mechanical Disc Brakes CMD-23 Worth Setting Up Or Are They Garbage?

    I got my daughters Apollo bike to repair after she crashed it at her mum's house, going down a hill, I'm not surprised really, as I couldn't of imagined it stopping any time soon.. I've already had the wheel repaired (2 spokes and new skewer), replaced a snapped front brake lever, straighened...
  6. Jon George

    Cracked - the 'Black Art' of toeing-in rim brakes

    (Disclaimer: I am old enough to know that there's generally nothing new under the sun and that dozens of you have probably been doing this for a long time, but I'm just so pleased to have discovered it for myself.) For years, I have struggled to achieve the perfect 'toe-in' following the advice...
  7. Ripple

    Hydraulic disc brakes - no pressure

    Will try to describe the problem as detailed as I can. It's a hybrid bike and it's got hydraulic disc brakes Tektro HD - M 285. No problems for about 3000 miles. Took the bike for a short ride today and after a mile front brake lever lost it's resistance. Front wheel also seemed to be blocked...
  8. Black Sheep

    why are my hydraulic disk brakes so bad?

    I built my mountain bike in 2006 with Deore hydraulic disk brakes and they worked great The bike was in fairly regular use for a number of years until about 2011 when, for various reasons I stopped riding. In the past couple of years I've been using it again but the brakes are crap, they just...
  9. M

    Brakes - apologies if done to death

    Cheap Giant - cable disc brakes - most unimpressed. Can people reassure me that I’ll be more impressed with hydraulic brakes. Are there any diehards out there that stick to rim? Are discs over-hyped?
  10. dhd.evans

    Balance Bike Brakes - Addition

    We got my youngest a Dawes Lil' Duchess for her Birthday a while ago: She's taken her time getting into it but this bloody COVID has means she's keener to go on it (hurrah) except she doesn't like going fast. Can't stop herself on hills. So, i need to fit a v-brake probably. Anyone does...
  11. Denis99

    FS: Condor Fratello, Campag Potenza, Hope RS4 wheels,TRP R879 brakes

    Please email me for images, all the items are in excellent condition and include postage. Condor Fratello 55cm frame, rim brake model Paris Green, includes the Condor headset and the Pioggia carbon fork. Steerer tube has been left long and will suit anyone. There is the slightest of a mark...
  12. C

    Identifying disc brakes

    My commuter (2019 Boardman URB8.9) has Tektro disc brakes just reaching their first pad replacement, but taking it to a shop is not an option right now and I'm having trouble identifying the exact brake model so I can order the right replacement pads. The brakes only seem to be marked "R160...
  13. I

    Adjusting hydraulic disc brakes on Tern GSD e-cargo bike?

    Hi Just bought a brand new Tern GSD e cargo bike and I have just done about 10 miles on it local. I’ve noticed when spinning the front and back wheels that the discs are rubbing on the pads, especially front wheel. Called the retailer/service shop and they advised it can happen due to transit...
  14. L

    Hrd Disc Brakes

    So I am now the proud owner of a Planet X cyclocross bike with Sram hrd discs. My first disc brake bike. Unfortunately it arrived poorly set up, so i used my local bike store and asked them to set the gears / brakes up. I did google how to adjust them etc but i felt it was a little beyond my...
  15. Hugh Jampton

    Carbon Rim Brake wheels to disc brakes?

    Hi. Looking for advice. I have recently purchased a Gravel Bike with Disc brakes. the current wheels are 650B with chunky WTB tyres. This bike is my main bike now for cycling, commuting, leisure etc. I have my old road bike that I splashed out on a Carbon wheel set, just over a year ago. The...
  16. jay clock

    Difference between front and rear brakes

    I have bought a front and rear set of Shimano T610 v brakes with the cassette style brake pads. I can't see any difference between the versions other than the brakes shoes are mounted differently to avoid the pads shooting out Does that sound right?
  17. S

    Hub Gears and Drum Brakes

    Why don’t e bikes come with the above. The weight penalty is not a big issue and sue the minimal maintenance helps?
  18. R

    Front brakes , what are they good for ?

    I was pondering the other day that in the last ten years I can't ever think of ever using my front brake, I've never even fitted a new brake pad, my rear brake stops me fine at any speed and if I used a front at any kind of speed I would go head first over the handle bars. The only use for it I...

    How can I improve these brakes ?

    Hello all, Following on from a resent thread I posted with great success ( fitting V brakes to a MTB with cantis) Is there anyway I can improve these brakes using the same mount type. ?
  20. gazza81

    Hydraulic brakes

    Pulled the mtb out this evening for a ride in the morning and the brakes are a little soft. ive seen somewhere that you can cable tie the leavers overnight to get rid of some of the air. Do i need to open the res cap or keep it closed? Thanks
  21. fr188

    Weinmann 500 brakes nut diameter

    Can anyone tell me please the size of nut I net for Weinmann 500 callipers in mm’s.
  22. grellboy

    What levers do you need for hydraulic brakes?

    Probably a really stupid question - most of mine are! - but am thinking about upgrading the brakes on my cyclocross bike from mechanical disc to hydraulic. Having a look on ebay etc., can find calipers easily enough, but wondered about what levers are compatible. I imagine standard levers aren't...
  23. gmw492

    Disc Brakes or Rim

    I am looking at getting a disc brake winter bike, reason being I’ve read they are better for the wet weather than rim, Tiagra groupset says mechanical and 105 which says hydraulic, question is will the mechanical be the same braking as a rim brake with it not being hydraulic or do they perform...
  24. Randombiker9

    Question about brakes?

    So basically I used to ride my mtb but switched half a year ago the road bike. However I realised on the road bike one of the brake levers nearly reach the handlebars. (Back with my mtb when this happened the barrel adjuster fixed it which also had disc brakes) However the road bike has...
  25. Slioch

    Are Sora shifters compatible with cantilever brakes?

    I'm playing around in my head with making some changes to my touring bike, and would appreciate tapping into the profound wisdom of the peeps on here. My current setup is a triple chainring up front with 9 speed on the back, bar-end shifters and cantilever brakes. I'm thinking of getting Sora...
  26. P

    SLX brakes

    I have a pair of SLX brakes on my MTB, the pads aren't worn and I just have replaced the discs. The brakes have no bite, very poor performance. I did everything I need to to bed them in, I've just had the pads out, cleaned them and roughed them up against the concrete wall!! Anyone any...
  27. silva

    Mechanical brakes for wide tyres

    Case 62 mm tyres, so bigger distances to surround with V brakes, any solutions avail for this?
  28. C

    Tektro brakes married to Shimano hose?

    I´m in the process of fitting a Giant Conduct hydraulic brake kit to a cargo bike and need at least 2 metres of hose. BH90 hose in that length is cheap and readily available, whereas long Tektro hose is neither. Does anybody on here have experience of attaching the 5 mm Shimano hose to...
  29. Stef 1

    Adapter to fit flat mount calliper on IS mount frame?

    Hi - hope you can help, I recently purchased a Shimano 105 7020 groupset in the sales. Kicking myself now, as I should've done my homework first as my 5 year old steel frame has IS (international standard) mounts for disk callipers, whereas the callipers in the 105 groupset I purchased are...
  30. R

    Pinnacle Arkose - Small size - hydraulic brakes

    For sale is my trusted commuter. Very reliable but I have upgraded so need to move it on. I bought it on here about 2 years ago and have used it every week (except for when it was snow and ice). In total I think it is about 5 years old. I think it was all standard when I bought it but I have...
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